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firms, and to insure that such service is prompt and reas- <br />onably priced, and in the best interests of the public as <br />well as the interest of efficient policing operations for <br />• the removal from public streets of said vehicles. <br />5.15.020 Definitions. <br />(a) "Official Police Tow Service" means a towing <br />company selected by the Police Department to be used, on <br />call, and on an alternate basis, for any police emergency <br />situation where a tow truck is required. <br />(b) A "tow car" or "tow truck" is a motor vehicle which <br />has been altered or designed and equipped for and exclusively <br />used in the business of towing vehicles by means of a crane, <br />towbar, tow -line, or dolly or is otherwise exclusively used <br />to render assistance to other vehicles. <br />(c) "Attendant" means a trained and /or qualified indi- <br />vidual responsible for the operation of a tow car or tow <br />truck, whether or not the attendant also serves as a driver. <br />• (d) "Operator" means an individual who operates a tow <br />car or tow truck. <br />(e) "License Division" means the Newport Beach City <br />License Division of the Finance Department. <br />(f) "Director of Finance" means position appointed <br />by the City Manager and has charge of the administration <br />of the financial affairs of the City. <br />5.15.030 License Required. <br />(a) Any firm may become eligible to participate in <br />the assignment of service calls by the Police Department <br />only if it has a valid license to do business in the City <br />of Newport Beach. <br />(b) No official police tow truck shall be operated by <br />a driver on the streets, alleys, or any public way or place <br />of Newport Beach unless the driver is holding a currently <br />valid permit as an attendant or operator. <br />-2- <br />