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0 <br />0 <br />• <br />ORDINANCE NO. 85 -17 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY <br />OF NEWPORT BEACH AMENDING THE PROVISIONS OF <br />CHAPTER 20.72 AND SECTIONS 20.31.020, 20.32.020, <br />20.33.025, 20.34.020, 20.61.060, 20.62.040, 20.30.035, <br />AND 20.30.040 OF THE NEWPORT BEACH MUNICIPAL CODE <br />PERTAINING TO RESTAURANTS <br />Chapter 20.72 <br />RESTAURANTS <br />Sections: <br />20.72.010 <br />Definitions. <br />20.72.020 <br />Use Permit Required. <br />20.72.030 <br />Application Contents. <br />20.72.040 <br />Site. <br />20.72.050 <br />Setbacks. <br />20.72.060 <br />Parking and Traffic Control. <br />20.72.070 <br />Walls. <br />20.72.080 <br />Landscaping. <br />20.72.090 <br />Lighting. <br />20.72.100 <br />Signing. <br />20.72.110 <br />Utilities. <br />20.72.120 <br />Storage. <br />20.72.130 <br />Modification or Waiver of Requirements. <br />20.72.140 <br />Additional Requirements. <br />20.72.150 <br />Nonconforming Structures and Uses. <br />SECTION 1. Chapter 20.72 is hereby amended to read as <br />follows: <br />20.72.010 DEFINITIONS. As used in this chapter the <br />following terms shall have the meanings indicated: <br />A. DRIVE -IN AND TAKE -OUT RESTAURANT. The terms <br />"drive -in," and "take -out" restaurants shall mean a place of business which <br />sells food products or beverages and which: <br />1. Delivers such food products or beverages to customers <br />outside of the building in which they are prepared by means of a service <br />window, counter or similar method or device, or <br />