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ORDINANCE NO. 85 -25 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />ADOPTING A PLANNED COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PLAN <br />AND DEVELOPMENT STANDARDS FOR THE BAYVIEW PLANNED COMMUNITY <br />LOCATED ON THE SOUTHWESTERLY CORNER OF BRISTOL STREET <br />• AND JAMBOREE ROAD, AMENDING PORTIONS OF <br />DISTRICTING MAPS 42, 44 AND 61 SO AS TO <br />RECLASSIFY SAID PROPERTY FROM ORANGE COUNTY ZONING DISTRICT <br />PA /95 PD; CC /90; CC /35; R -1 -2975 PD(2975); R2 -2, 400 AND B1 <br />AND THE CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH UNCLASSIFIED DISTRICT <br />TO THE PLANNED COMMUNITY DISTRICT <br />(Planning Commission Amendment No. 623) <br />follows: <br />The City Council of the City of Newport Beach DOES ORDAIN as <br />SECTION 1. The following real property in the City of <br />Newport Beach, County of Orange, State of California: <br />All of that certain parcel of land situated partly in the <br />City of Newport Beach, all in the County of Orange, State of <br />California, being a portion of Block 51 of Irvine's Subdivi- <br />sion as shown on a map recorded in Book 1, Page 88 of <br />Miscellaneous Record Maps, Records of said County, said <br />parcel being more particularly described as follows: <br />Beginning at the most easterly corner of Lot 147 of said <br />Block 51, said corner also being the most easterly corner of <br />Tract No. 1499, as per map recorded in Book 44, Page 47 of <br />Miscellaneous Maps, Records of said County; thence along the <br />northeasterly line of said Block 51, S 49° 21' 45" E 1320.56 <br />• <br />feet to the southerly corner of the northwesterly one -half <br />of the southeasterly one -half of Block 50 of said Irvine's <br />Subdivision, said corner being at the intersection of <br />Jamboree Road realignment, as conveyed to the City of <br />Newport Beach in a deed recorded June 6, 1962 in Book 6135, <br />Page 155, Official Records of said County, with said <br />northeasterly line; thence along the centerline of said <br />Jamboree Road S 400 40' 01" W 112.65 feet to the beginning <br />of a tangent curve, concave southeasterly and having a <br />radius of 1600.00 feet; thence southwesterly along said <br />curve through a central angle of 34° 49' 00" a distance of <br />972.26 feet to an intersection with the southerly line of <br />the deed to Newport Harbor Union High School District <br />recorded July 1, 1965 in Book 7578, Page 670, of Official <br />Records of said County, said southerly line being the <br />northwesterly prolongation of a line radial to the last <br />mentioned 1600.00 foot radius curve; thence along said line <br />and said prolongation N 84° 08' 59" W 220.76 feet to the <br />beginning of a tangent curve concave southerly and having a <br />radius of 2000.00 feet; thence westerly along said curve <br />through a central angle of 17° 43' 56 ", a distance of 618.97 <br />feet to the most easterly corner of that certain parcel of <br />land described as "Servient Tenament" in Exhibit "B" of a <br />deed recorded April 22, 1975 in Book 11382, Page 1898 of <br />Official Records of said County, a radial to said corner <br />bears N. 110 52' 55" W; thence along the southerly line of <br />• <br />said deed S 570 46' 05" W 77.81 feet; thence S 64° 53' 40" W <br />161.27 feet; thence S 64° 27' 03" W 181.82 feet; thence S <br />670 Ol' 41" W 381.32 feet; thence S 750 13' 58" W 102.44 <br />feet; thence S 120 39' 46" W 17.73 feet to the beginning of <br />a non - tangent curve concave northerly and having a radius of <br />1562.00 feet, a radial to said point bears S 300 22' 27" E'; <br />