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ORDINANCE NO. 99- 13 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH AMENDING TITLE 9 OF <br />• THE NEWPORT BEACH MUNICIPAL CODE TO ADOPT 1998 CALIFORNIA FIRE <br />CODE <br />STATEMENT OF URGENCY - The City Council is adopting this Ordinance as an <br />urgency measure for the following reasons: <br />1. The 1998 California Fire Code contains standards for the design, <br />construction, quality of materials, equipment, and occupancy of structures <br />that are necessary to protect life and property from the hazards of fire, <br />explosion, flooding, collapse, and other peril or catastrophe. <br />2. The health, safety, and welfare of Newport Beach residents, businesses, and <br />visitors would be jeopardized by the inability of the Fire and Marine <br />Department to enforce provisions of 1998 California Fire Code as modified <br />to address climatic, geographic, or topographic conditions. <br />3. If this Ordinance does not take affect immediately upon adoption by the <br />City Council, Newport Beach would be unable, for a significant period of <br />time, to enforce critical modifications to 1998 California Fire Code that are <br />necessary to address climatic, geographic, or topographic conditions. <br />4. The adoption of this Ordinance as an urgency measure is necessary to <br />preserve the health, safety, and welfare of Newport Beach residents, <br />businesses, and visitors. <br />The City Council of the City of Newport Beach finds as follows: <br />FINDING OF FACTS - WHEREAS, Health & Safety Code Section 17958 mandates that <br />the City of Newport Beach shall adopt ordinances or regulations imposing the same <br />requirements as are contained in the regulations adopted by the State pursuant to <br />Health & Safety Code, Section 17922; and <br />WHEREAS, the State of California is manclated by Health & Safety Code Section <br />17922 to impose the same requirements as are contained in the 1998 California Fire <br />Code based on the 1997 Uniform Fire Code of the International Fire Code Institute, <br />hereinafter referred to collectively as the Fire Code; and <br />WHEREAS, Health & Safety Code Section 17958.5 permits the City to make such <br />changes or modifications to the Codes as are reasonably necessary because of local <br />conditions; and <br />WHEREAS, Health & Safety Code Section 17958.7 requires that the City Council <br />before making any changes or modifications pursuant to Section 17958.5 make express <br />findings that such changes or modifications are needed due to climatic, geographic, or <br />topographic conditions; and <br />• WHEREAS, the Fire Chief has recommended that changes and modifications be <br />made to the Fire Code that are reasonably necessary due to the following local climatic, <br />geographical, or topographical conditions: <br />1 <br />