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ORDINANCE NO. 99-17 <br />• AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF <br />NEWPORT BEACH AMENDING CHAPTER 15 OF THE <br />NEWPORT BEACH MUNICIPAL CODE PERTAINING TO <br />TRAFFIC PHASING ORDINANCE <br />NOW THEREFORE, the City Council of the City of Newport Beach, <br />California, HEREBY ORDAINS as follows: <br />SECTION 1: Chapter 15.40 of Newport Beach Municipal Code is hereby <br />amended to read as follows: <br />SECTIONS: <br />15.40.010 <br />15.40.020 <br />• 15.40.030 <br />15.40.035 <br />15.40.040 <br />15.40.050 <br />15.40.060 <br />15.40.070 <br />15.40.075 <br />15.40.080 <br />15.40.010 <br />Chapter 15.40 <br />TRAFFIC PHASING ORDINANCE <br />Findings. <br />Objectives. <br />Standards for Approval /Findings /Exemptions. <br />Expiration. <br />Definitions. <br />Procedures. <br />Hearings /Notice. <br />Appeal/Review. <br />Proportionality. <br />Severability. <br />Findings. <br />A. The phasing of development with circulation system improvements <br />to accommodate Project generated traffic is important to <br />maintaining the high quality of the residential and commercial <br />neighborhoods in Newport Beach; <br />B. Traffic congestion caused by inadequate phasing of Circulation <br />Improvements and development is harmful to the public health, <br />safety and general welfare due to the potential for delays in <br />emergency response, air quality impacts and an overall reduction in <br />• the quality of life. <br />C. While some development may be important to the continued vitality <br />of the local economy, the City should continue to require mitigation <br />of traffic impacts by Project proponents to ensure the circulation <br />1 <br />