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ORDINANCE 99 -26 <br />• AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF <br />NEWPORT BEACH APPROVING AN AMENDMENT TO TITLE 20 OF <br />THE MUNICIPAL CODE RELATING TO THE DEFINITION OF <br />TERMS, TERMS AND CROSS - REFERENCES IN THE LAND USE <br />REGULATIONS SCHEDULES, ESTABLISHING WATERFRONT REAR <br />YARD SETBACKS, REGULATIONS ON BAY AND GREENHOUSE <br />WINDOWS, THE PARKING OF VEHICLES IN REQUIRED YARDS, <br />SIGNS IN RESIDENTIAL DISTRICTS, AND THE AUTHORITY OF <br />THE PLANNING DIRECTOR TO APPROVE OFF -SALE ALCOHOLIC <br />BEVERAGE OUTLETS AND MASSAGE ESTABLISHMENTS. <br />[PLANNING COMMISSION AMENDMENT 892] <br />WHEREAS, amendments to Title 20 of the Newport Beach Municipal Code relating to the <br />definition of terms, terms and cross - references in the land use regulations schedules, establishing <br />waterfront rear yard setbacks, regulations on bay and greenhouse windows, the parking of vehicles <br />in required yards, signs in residential districts, and the authority of the Planning Director to approve <br />• off -sale alcoholic beverage outlets and massage establishments are required; and <br />WHEREAS, on September 9, 1999, the Planning Commission of the City of Newport Beach <br />held a public hearing regarding this amendment; and <br />WHEREAS, on September 27, 1999, the City Council of the City of Newport Beach held a <br />public hearing regarding this amendment; and <br />WHEREAS, the public was duly noticed of the public hearings; and <br />WHEREAS, pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act, it has been determined <br />that the proposed amendment is categorically exempt under Class 5, minor alterations in land use <br />limitations. <br />THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH DOES HEREBY ORDAIN AS <br />• FOLLOWS: <br />