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• ORDINANCE NO. 2000- 6 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH APPROVING AN <br />AMENDMENT TO SECTION 15.60.010 (SITE CLEANUP FEE - PURPOSE), <br />SECTION 15.60.020 (AMOUNT OF DEPOSIT), SECTION 15.60.050 (NOTICE) OF <br />TITLE 15 OF THE NEWPORT BEACH MUNICIPAL CODE PERTAINING TO <br />CONSTRUCTION SITE CLEANUP DEPOSIT. <br />WHEREAS, the Newport Beach City Council adopted a fee resolution 98 -45 <br />on June 22, 1998; and <br />WHEREAS, adopted resolution 98 -45 contained schedules of construction <br />cleanup deposit amounts; and <br />WHEREAS, NBMC Section 15.60.020 contains duplicate construction <br />cleanup deposit schedules; and <br />• WHEREAS, NBMC Section 15.60.010 contains reference to these duplicate <br />schedules; and <br />WHEREAS, an editorial change to Section 15.60.040 is necessary; and <br />The City Council of the City of Newport Beach DOES ORDAIN as follows: <br />SECTION 1. Section 15.60.010 (Site Cleanup Fee - Purpose), Section <br />15.60.020 (Amount of Deposit), Section 15.60.040 (Notice) of Title 15 of the Newport <br />Beach Municial; Code shall be revised to read as follows: <br />• Sections: <br />15.60.010 <br />Chapter 15.60 <br />CONSTRUCTION SITE CLEANUP <br />Site Cleanup Fee — Purpose <br />i <br />