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15.60.020 Amount of Deposit <br />• <br />15.60.030 Type of Deposit <br />15.60.040 Notice <br />15.60.050 Action by City <br />15.60.060 Refund of Deposit <br />15.60.070 Appeal to City Council <br />15.60.010 Site Cleanup Fee -- Purpose. <br />Prior to the issuance of any building permit or grading permit, the Building <br />Official shall require a site cleanup deposit to be deposited with the City Finance <br />Director in a sum as set forth in the City Council fee resolution. This site cleanup <br />deposit is intended to ensure the removal of construction and demolition debris from <br />construction sites and public property adjoining the construction sites to ensure <br />isthat the permittee installs and maintains erosion control and desilting basins as <br />required by ordinance, and to ensure that inspections are requested at the <br />appropriate time, thereby ensuring the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of <br />the City of Newport Beach. <br />15.60.020 Amount of Deposit. <br />The amount of the site cleanup deposit shall be determined either in <br />accordance with the valuation of the proposed construction or in accordance with <br />the extent of the grading to be undertaken prior to construction. The Building <br />Official shall have the discretion to choose the site cleanup deposit from one, but not <br />both, of the schedules given due regard to the extent of the proposed grading and <br />construction. The site cleanup deposit schedules are as set forth in the City Council <br />fee resolution. <br />• 15.60.030 Type of Deposit. <br />2 <br />