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ORDINANCE NO. 2000 -16 <br />• AN URGENCY ORDINANCE OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF NEWPORT <br />BEACH AUTHORIZING AN AMENDMENT TO THE CONTRACT BETWEEN THE CITY <br />AND THE BOARD OF ADMINISTRATION OF THE CALIFORNIA PUBLIC EMPLOYEES' <br />RETIREMENT SYSTEM <br />The City Council of the City of Newport Beach does hereby ordain as follows: <br />Section 1. That an amendment to the contract between the City of Newport Beach and the Board <br />of Administration, California Public Employees' Retirement System is hereby authorized, a copy of <br />said amendment being attached hereto, marked Exhibit "A," and by such reference made a part hereof <br />as though set out in full. <br />Section 2. The Mayor of the City of Newport Beach is hereby authorized, empowered and directed <br />to execute said amendment for and on behalf of the City. <br />Section 3. This Ordinance shall take effect immediately. <br />Section 4. The City Council finds and declares this Ordinance to be necessary as an emergency <br />measure for the preservation of the public peace, health or safety as follows: <br />(a) The City Council has entered into numerous labor agreements pursuant to which the <br />•City has committed to provide employees with the retirement benefit (benefit) represented by the <br />contract attached as Exhibit "A" effective September 1, 2000 or as soon thereafter as possible. <br />(b) The City has experienced significant and unexpected delays in determining how to <br />provide the benefit in the "cost neutral" fashion required by pre- existing labor agreements. <br />(c) In light of these delays, the City could be considered to have breached these labor <br />agreements if it failed to provide the benefit pursuant to an ordinance and contract that are effective as <br />soon as possible. <br />(d) The City would be exposed to potential damages or possible disruptions in providing <br />municipal services if the City breached the labor agreements. <br />(e) City Council adoption of this Ordinance as an emergency measure is the only way the <br />City can ensure that it has faithfully performed obligations pursuant to these labor agreements and the <br />only way to ensure no disruption or reduction in municipal services. <br />Adopted and approved this 22nd day of August 2000 by the following vote: <br />• Attest: <br />City Clerk <br />AYES, COUNCILMEMBERS Thomson, Glover, Adams, Debay, Ridgeway, <br />NAYS, COUNCILMEMBERS None O'Neil, and Mayor Noyes <br />ABSTAIN, COUNCILMEMBERS Non/? <br />John E. <br />