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• 3.33.010 Provisions Not Exclusive; Applicability of Laws: Conflicting <br />Provisions. <br />The provisions of this Chapter are not exclusive. The power and authority conferred <br />upon the City Council by the provisions of this Chapter are in addition to and <br />supplemental to the powers conferred by any other Chapter of the City or law. The <br />provisions of this Chapter shall not affect or limit any other provisions of law authorizing <br />or providing for the furnishing of public improvements or the raising of revenue for these <br />purposes. The City may use the provisions of this Chapter instead of any other method <br />to finance part or all of the cost of providing the authorized kinds of public <br />improvements. Additionally, the City Council may elect to follow the procedures now or <br />hereafter provided by general law, including without limitation, the Act; provided, <br />however, that whenever the City is acting pursuant to this Chapter, the provisions of this <br />Chapter shall be controlling to the extent that they are in conflict with any of the <br />provisions of such general law. <br />3.33.020 Definitions. <br />Unless the context otherwise requires, the definitions contained in this article shall <br />govern the construction of this Chapter including all provisions incorporated into this <br />Chapter by reference. <br />• A. "Act" means the Municipal Improvement Act of 1913, as amended (Streets <br />and Highways Code Section 10000 and following). <br />B. "Bond" or "bonds" means any binding obligation to pay or repay a sum of <br />money, including obligations in the form of bonds, certificates of <br />participation, long -term leases, loans from government agencies, or loans <br />from banks, other financial institutions, private businesses, or individuals, <br />or long -term contracts. <br />C. "Bond Act" means the Improvement Bond Act of 1915 (the "Bond Act "), as <br />amended (Streets and Highways Code Section 8500 and following). <br />D. "City" means the City of Newport Beach, California. <br />E. "Clerk" means the City Clerk of the City. <br />F. "Engineer' means the City Engineer or any other person designated by <br />the City Council for the purposes of this Chapter, including any officer, <br />board, or employee of the city or any private person or firm specially <br />employed by the City as engineer for purposes of this Chapter. <br />Notwithstanding the foregoing, the engineer shall be a registered <br />• professional engineer as defined in Government Code Section 53750(k)." <br />Page 2 of 6 <br />