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Alterations in Land Use Limitation) of the California Environmental Quality Act <br />• Implementing Guidelines. <br />THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH DOES HEREBY ORDAIN AS <br />FOLLOWS: <br />SECTION l: Chapter 20.42 of the City of Newport Beach Municipal Code shall be <br />revised as provided in Exhibit "A ". <br />SECTION 2: Chapter 20.57 of the City of Newport Beach Municipal Code shall read as <br />shown in Exhibit "B ". <br />SECTION 3: Districting Map Nos. 6 & 23 are hereby amended by combining the <br />Mariner's Mile Overlay map designator ( -MM) to the zoning designation of all non - residential and <br />mixed use properties fronting West Coast Highway located east of the Mariner's Mile Specific Plan <br />and the Back Bay Bridge, as indicated in Exhibit "C ". <br />SECTION 4: The Mayor shall sign and the City Clerk shall attest to the passage of this <br />Ordinance. This Ordinance shall be published once in the official newspaper of the City, and the <br />same shall become effective thirty (30) days after the date of its adoption. <br />This Ordinance was introduced at a regular meeting of the City Council of the City of <br />Newport Beach held on October 10, 2000, and adopted on the 24th day of October, 2000, by the <br />• following vote, to wit: <br />Thomson, Glover, Adams, Debay, <br />AYES, COUNCIL MEMBERS Ridgeway, O'Neil & Mayor Noyes <br />NOES, COUNCIL MEMBERS <br />ABSENT COUNCIL MEMBERS <br />CITY CLERK <br />CJ <br />