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1. The amendment is consistent with the General Plan assuming that GPA 97 -3(B) <br />is approved by the electorate pursuant Section 423 of the City Charter in that it <br />provides for an increase in square footage commensurate with that allowed by <br />GPA 97 -3(B). <br />2. The internal consistency of the Planned Community text will be retained in that all <br />development square footages and open space acreages have been adjusted to <br />retain appropriate development and open space percentages. <br />SECTION 3: ZONING AMENDMENT. <br />1. The City Council hereby adopts, by reference, the CEQA- required "Statement of <br />Findings ", attached as Exhibit "EIR -1" to the resolution certifying the project <br />Environmental Impact Report (EIR). The Statement of Findings constitutes a set <br />of binding obligations effective upon this project approval. Pursuant to Section <br />15091 of the State CEQA Guidelines, the Statement of Findings summarizes the <br />impacts of the project, the mitigation measures required to avoid or substantially <br />lessen each of those impacts, and the "substantial evidence in the record" <br />supporting the finding of each such impact which will be avoided or substantially <br />lessened. <br />2. The City Council hereby adopts, by reference, the "Statement of Overriding <br />Considerations ", attached as Exhibit "EIR -2" to the resolution certifying the <br />project Environmental Impact Report. The EIR identifies certain environmental <br />impacts of the project which cannot be avoided or substantially lessened. The <br />City Council has balanced these significant adverse environmental impacts <br />against environmental benefits and other benefits resulting from approval of the <br />proposed Project, which are identified in the Statement of Overriding <br />Considerations, and hereby finds that the benefits override the identified adverse <br />environmental impacts. <br />3. The City Council hereby adopts, by reference, the "Mitigation Monitoring and <br />Reporting Program" (MMRP), attached as Exhibit "EIR -3" to the resolution <br />certifying the project Environmental Impact Report, and directs that mitigation <br />measures be implemented in accordance with the MMRP. <br />4. In light of the preceding findings and actions, the City Council hereby approves <br />Zoning Amendment 905, consisting of the amendments to the Koll Center <br />Newport Planned Community Development Standards specified in Exhibit "ZA -1 ", <br />attached hereto, subject to the mitigation measures identified in the <br />Environmental Impact Report and listed in Exhibit "EIR -5" as conditions of <br />approval of the Zoning Amendment, as stipulated in Exhibit "ZA -1 ". <br />SECTION 4: The Mayor shall sign and the City Clerk shall attest to the passage of this <br />Ordinance. This Ordinance shall be published once in the official newspaper of the <br />City, and the Ordinance shall become effective upon certification by the City Clerk to the <br />2 <br />