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ORDINANCE NO. 2001 -16 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY <br />OF NEWPORT BEACH AMENDING SECTIONS 12.54.010, <br />12.54.020, 12.54.030, 12.54.040, 12.54.050 AND 12.54.060 <br />OF TITLE 12 OF THE NEWPORT BEACH MUNICIPAL <br />CODE PERTAINING TO OCEANFRONT BOARDWALK <br />SAFETY PROGRAM <br />The City Council of the City of Newport Beach does hereby ordain that certain Newport <br />Beach Municipal Code sections are amended to read, in full, as follows: <br />SECTION 1: Section 12.54.010 of Chapter 12.54 is amended to read as follows <br />Section 12.54.010 Purpose and Intent. <br />The purpose and intent of this chapter is to insure the safety of persons using the <br />Oceanfront Boardwalk while maximizing the recreational opportunities available to <br />users. The restrictions and limitations on bicyclists, rollerskaters and others are the <br />result of extensive analysis by the Oceanfront Boardwalk Citizens Advisory Committee, <br />City staff and a professional traffic consultant. The City Council has determined that the <br />provisions of this ordinance represent all of the reasonable measures that can be <br />implemented to protect users from the risk of injury. The City Council has made this <br />determination after due consideration of the probability and gravity of potential injuries <br />to persons and property using the Boardwalk as well as the practicability and cost of <br />implementing measures that would protect against the risk of such injury, <br />SECTION 2: Section 12.54.020 of Chapter 12.54 is amended to read as follows <br />Section 12.54.020 Definitions. <br />"Bicyclist" shall mean any person operating any device propelled by human power <br />through a belt, chain or gears and having one or more wheels. <br />"Boardwalk" or "Oceanfront Boardwalk" shall mean the concrete walkway approximately <br />twelve (12) to twenty -two (22) feet in width that is immediately adjacent to the sandy <br />ocean beach (except where the beach has been improved with parking lots, parks or <br />school playgrounds) and that runs from 36th Street to a point east of E Street. The <br />Boardwalk is designated as West Ocean Front and East Ocean Front on the official City <br />atlas. <br />"Pass" shall mean to travel to the left of the centerline of the Boardwalk. <br />"Pedestrian" shall mean any person on foot. <br />"Rollerskater" shall mean any person wearing rollerskates as defined in Section <br />12.57.010(B) of this Code, Rollerblades, or any similar device. <br />SECTION 3: Section 12.54.030 of Chapter 12.54 is amended to read as follows <br />Section 12.54.030 Speed Limit. <br />No bicyclist, rollerskater or pedestrian shall exceed eight miles per hour <br />