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reviewed by other departments of this jurisdiction to verify compliance with any applicable <br />laws under their jurisdiction. <br />Prior to issuance of a demolition permit for complete demolition of a structure the <br />permittee shall certify that a City franchised waste hauler shall be used for the handling, <br />removal and disposal of construction and demolition waste. <br />If the building official finds that the work described in an application for a demolition <br />permit and the plans, specifications and other data filed therewith conform to the <br />requirements of this code and the technical codes and other pertinent laws and <br />ordinances, and that the fees specified in Section 304 have been paid, the building official <br />shall issue a permit therefore to the applicant. <br />When a permit is issued and plans are required, the building official shall endorse in <br />writing or stamp the plans and specifications APPROVED. Such approved plans and <br />specifications shall not be changed, modified or altered without authorizations from the <br />building official, and all work regulated by this code shall be done in accordance with the <br />approved plans. <br />The building official may issue a permit for the construction of part of a building, <br />structure or building service equipment before the entire plans and specifications for the <br />whole building, structure or building service equipment have been submitted or <br />approved, provided adequate information and detailed statements have been filed <br />complying with all pertinent requirements of the technical codes. The holder of a partial <br />permit shall proceed without assurance that the permit for the entire building, structure or <br />building service will be granted. <br />SECTION 2. Section 1.12.020(E) of Chapter 1.12 of the Newport Beach Municipal <br />Code is amended to read as follows: <br />