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ATTACHMENT A <br />HARBOR COMMISSION <br />AUTHORIZATION: Established by Ordinance 2001- 25 <br />OFFICIAL TITLE: Harbor Commission of the City of Newport Beach, California. <br />PURPOSE: Newport Harbor supports numerous recreational and commercial <br />activities, waterfront residential communities and scenic and <br />biological resources. The purpose of the Harbor Commission is to <br />provide the City of Newport Beach with an advisory body <br />representing these diverse uses of Newport Harbor and its <br />waterfront. <br />RESPONSIBILITES: <br />1. Advise the City Council in all matters pertaining to the use, <br />control, operation, promotion and regulation of all vessels and <br />watercraft within the Newport Harbor. <br />2. Approve, conditionally approve, or disapprove applications on <br />all harbor permits where the City of Newport Beach Municipal <br />Code assigns the authority for the decision to the Harbor <br />Commission. <br />3. Serve as an appellate and reviewing body for decisions of the <br />City Manager on harbor permits, leases, and other harbor - <br />related administrative matters where the City of Newport <br />Beach Municipal Code assigns such authority to the Harbor <br />Commission. <br />4. Advise the City Council on proposed harbor - related <br />improvements. <br />5. Advise the Planning Commission and City Council on land use <br />and property development applications referred to the Harbor <br />Commission by the City Council, Planning Commission, or the <br />City Manager. <br />6. Make recommendations to the City Council for the adoption of <br />regulations and programs necessary for the ongoing <br />implementation of the goals, objectives, and policies of the <br />Harbor and Bay Element of the General Plan. <br />