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ORDINANCE NO. 2007-19 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH AMENDING TITLE 15 OF THE <br />NEWPORT BEACH MUNICIPAL CODE TO ADOPT APPENDIX CHAPTER 1 OF THE <br />2007 CALIFORNIA BUILDING CODE DESIGNATED AS THE NEWPORT BEACH <br />ADMINISTRATIVE CODE, THE 2006 INTERNATIONAL PROPERTY MAINTENANCE <br />CODE, THE 2007 EDITION OF THE CALIFORNIA BUILDING CODE, THE 2007 EDITION <br />OF THE CALIFORNIA MECHANICAL CODE, THE 2007 EDITION OF THE CALIFORNIA <br />ELECTRICAL CODE, THE 2007 EDITION OF THE CALIFORNIA PLUMBING CODE, TO <br />AMEND THE EXCAVATION AND GRADING CODE, AND TO DELETE THE EARTH <br />QUAKE HAZARD REDUCTION IN EXISTING BUILDINGS CHAPTER. <br />The City Council of the City of Newport Beach DOES ORDAIN as follows: <br />SECTION 1. Chapter 15.02 of the Newport Beach Municipal Code is amended to read: <br />6 =1011 <br />Chapter 15.02 <br />ADMINISTRATIVE CODE <br />15.02.010 <br />Adoption of the Administrative Code <br />15.02.020 <br />Amendment to Section 101.1 <br />15.02.030 <br />Amendment to Section 101.2 <br />15.02.040 <br />Amendment to Section 101.4.5 <br />15.02.050 <br />Amendment to Section 102.6 <br />15.02.060 <br />Amendment to Section 105_.2 <br />15.02.070 <br />Added Section <br />15.02.080 <br />Amendment to Section 105.3.2 <br />15:02.090 <br />Amendment to Section 105.5 <br />15.02.100 <br />Amendment to Section 108.4 <br />15.02.110 <br />Added Section <br />15.02.120 <br />Amendment to Section 112.1 <br />15.02.010 Adoption of the Administrative Code. <br />The City Council adopts and incorporates by reference, as though set forth in full in this <br />section Appendix Chapter 1 of the 2007 edition of the California Building Code as published by <br />the International Code Council. <br />1 <br />