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No JO <br />Resolution ordering work done. <br />• Resolved, that whereas, the Botrd of .Trustees of the <br />city of Newport Beach did, cn the let d-y of December, 1913, puss <br />itsr >solution of Intention No. 33 to order the hereinafter des- <br />cribed work to be done and improvement to be made i:i said city, <br />which Resolution of Intention was duly and legally published as <br />req.ired b law as appears by the affidavit of Walter Cornelius <br />now on file in the office of the Clerk of said city of Newport <br />Beach; and <br />rhereas, notices of the passage of said Resolution of <br />Intention No. 33 headed: "Notice of Improvement" were duly and <br />legall;. posted Glong the line of said contemplated work and im- <br />provement, and in front of all the property liable to be assessed <br />therefor, in form and mannEr as required by law, immediately cfte.• <br />the passage of said Resolution of Intention as appears frort, the <br />affidavit of J. F.. Barker, Street Superintendent of said city of <br />Newport Beach, ,ho, upon the comyletion of the posting of said <br />notices, forthwith filed said affidavit in the office of the Clerk <br />of the city of Nei7_.or t Beach, ma ins oath that he completed the <br />posting of said nodose on the day of December, 1913; and <br />nerea.s, more than fifteen days has expired since the <br />day of the second ublicaticn of said Resolution of Intention No. <br />33 and the cmmpleticn of the Iosting of said "notices of Improve- <br />ment", <br />Therefore, be it resolved, that the public interest and <br />convenience require the work to be done or improvement made here- <br />inafter described, and the Board of Trustees of the city of Newport <br />Beach hereby orders the follov+ing work to be done or improvement <br />• made in said city, to -v <br />That a cement sidewalk and cement curb be constructed <br />upon and along the Southerly side of that portion of Central Avenue <br />r.:enticned and described in Sec. 1 of Resolution of Intention No. 33 <br />That the cement sidev:al:. &nd cement curb be constructed upon the <br />sidewalk reservati ^n provided for for said street by Sec. 1 of Crdin- <br />