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R'SOLUTI 0;1 OR I)�RING <br />RESOLVED, THAT, ',MEREIS, the <br />City of Nevmort Beach, on the 18th <br />its Resolution of Intention No. 40 <br />cIORK DONE <br />Board of Trustees of the <br />da�T of L =ay, 1914, pas. ed <br />to ordor the hereinafter <br />described work to be done and improvements to be made in said <br />city, which Resolution of Intention was duly and legally <br />published as required by law , as appears from the affidavit <br />of Vlalter Cornelius now on file in the office of the Clerk of <br />the City of Newport Beach; and <br />WHER M, notice of the passage of said Resolution of <br />Intention No. 40 headed "Notices of Improvement" were duly <br />and legally posted along the lino of said contemplated work <br />and improvement and in front of all the property liable to <br /> assess €d therefor, in form and manner as required by law, <br />immediately after the passage of said Resolution of Intention, <br />as appears from the affidavit of�.- F. Barker, Street Super- <br />intendent of the City of Newport Beach, who, upon the completion <br />Of the posting of said notices, forthwith filed his affidavit <br />in the office of the clerk of the City of Nevvport Beach, mak- <br />ing oath that he completed the posting of said notices on the <br />21st day of I;iay, 1914; and <br />VdI'KRE'AS, more than fifteen days has expired since the <br />day of the second publication of the said Resolution of Inten- <br />tion No. 40, and the completion of the posting of said "Notices <br />of Improvement "; <br />THEREFORE, BE IT Rl>>SOLVL +D that the public interest and <br />60 convenience require the work hereinafter described to be done <br />and the Board of Trustees of the City of Newport Beach do here- <br />by order the following work to be done or iiprovements to be <br />made in the City of Iveo,rport Beach, to wit: <br />-1- _ <br />