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I RESOLUTION NO. 76 <br />I 1 COPY COPY <br />2 <br />3 <br />4 <br />5 <br />6 <br />7 <br />8 <br />9 <br />10 <br />11 <br />12 <br />13 <br />14 <br />15 <br />16 <br />17 <br />18 <br />19 <br />20 <br />21 <br />22 <br />23 <br />24 <br />25 <br />26 <br />27 <br />28 <br />29 <br />30 <br />31 <br />32 <br />A- RESOLUTION OF THE B OARD OF TRUSTEES OF THE CITY OF <br />NEWPORT BEACH, ORDERING CERTAIN WORK TO BE DONE UPON <br />CERTAIN PORTIONS OF OCEAN AVENUE INS AID CITY. <br />Be it resolved by the Board of Trustees of the City of <br />Newport Beach, as follows: <br />SECTION ONE. <br />That the said Board of Trustees dems it to be required <br />by the public interest and convenience, and hereby orders, <br />that the following work to be done, to wit: <br />THAT OCEAN AVENUE <br />within the said City, $ om the southerly prolongation of the <br />westerly line of Twenty -third Street to thetsoutherly <br />prolongation of the easterly line of Thirty -sixth Street, by <br />the construction of a board walk on pile bents on that portion <br />of said Ocean Avenue lying between the northerly line of said <br />Ocean Avenue and a line twelve (12) feet southerly of and <br />parallel with the northerly line of said Ocena Avenue, including <br />all street and alley intersections; be constructed to official <br />line and grade according to Plans No. 100 and 101 on file in <br />the office of the City Engineer of Newport Beachq California, <br />and in further accordance with Specifications Numbered 26, <br />adopted by resolution No. 65 of the Board of Trustees of the <br />City of Newport Beach and on file in the office of the City <br />Clerk of said city. <br />SECTION TWO. <br />That the said comtemplated work of improvement of the <br />portion of said Ocean Avenue is, in the opinion of the said <br />Board of Trustees of the City of Newport Beach, of more than <br />local or::ordinary public benefit and they declare that the <br />exterior boundaries of the lands to be benefited by said <br />improvement and to be assessed to pay the costs and expenses <br />of said improvement shall be as follows: <br />Beginning at the intersection of the southerly prolongation <br />of the center line of Thirty -sixth Street and the southerly <br />line of "cean Avenue; thence easterly along the southerly <br />line of said Ocean Avenue to a point of the intersection with <br />the center line of the Southern Pacific Railroad Company's <br />right of way, said right of way being 1CO feet in width; thence <br />northwesterly along the center line of the said right of way <br />of the Southern Pacific Railroad Company to a point of the . <br />intersection with the northerly prolongation of the center <br />line of Thirty - second Street; thence southerly along the <br />center line of said Thirty- second Street to a point of the <br />intersection with the easterly prolongation of the northerly <br />line of Block 332 of a Map of the Canl Sections Newport Beach, <br />as recorded in Miscellaneous Maps, Book 4, page 98, Records <br />of Orange County, California; thence westerly in a ?straight <br />line along the northerly lines of Blocks 332,333,334 and 335 <br />of the aforesaid Map of the Cnal Sections Newport Beach, to <br />the center line of Thirty -sixth Street; thence southerly along <br />the center line of said Thirty -sixth Street tothe southerly <br />line of, Ocean Avenueq the place of beginning, excepting there <br />-1- <br />