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a <br />• <br />RESOLUTION NO. 87 <br />I A RESOLUTION OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF THE CITY OF NE[= =:PORT <br />1 BEACH, CALIFORNIA, ADOPTING AN OFFICIAL MAP OF A PORTION OF THE <br />CITY OF Na'dPORT BEACH, ORANGE, COUT4TY9 CALIFORNIA, FOR THE PUR- <br />2 POSE OF DEFINING ALL STREETS, AVENUES AND ALLEYS, AND GIVING TO <br />3 iEACH SUBDIVISION OF LAND PLATTED OR DIVIDED INTO LOTS OR BLOCKS <br />. A NUMBER OR LETTER AND GIVING NAMES TO SUCH STREETS AND AVENUES <br />4 The Board of Trustees of the City of Newport Beach do <br />5 resolve as follows: <br />6 SECTION ONE. Resolved that that certain map made and compil <br />7 by the City Engineer of the City of Newport Beach, and presented <br />8 to the Board of Trustees of said City on Monday the 17th day of <br />I <br />9 December, 1917, and numbered Map No. 107 be and the same is hereby <br />10 adopted as the official Map of that portion of the City of Newport <br />11 Beach, Orange County, California, for the purpose of defining all <br />12 streets, avenues and alleys as shown and delineated on said map, <br />13 consisting of five sheets, numbered consecutively from Sheet No. <br />14 1 to Sheet No. 5 inclusive. <br />15 SECTION TWO. Resolved that all streets, avenues and alleys <br />16 shown on said official map, be and they are hereby accepted as <br />17 Public Streets, Avenues and Alleys of the City of Newport Beach <br />18 by the names therein designated. <br />19 SECTION THREE. Resolved that said Map be certified under <br />20 the hands of the members of the Board of Trustees and the Presiden <br />21 thereof, attested by the City Clerk under the official seal of <br />22 the said City of Newport Beach with the number of the Resolution <br />23 and the date of its adoption. <br />24 SECTION FOUR. Resolved that said Map when so certified <br />25 shall be forthwith filed in the office of the County Recorder of t <br />26 County of Orange, State of California, as such official map. <br />27 'I SECTION FIVE. The foregoing Resolution was passed, adopted <br />28 and approved and the said Map certified as therein required this <br />29 17th day of December 1917, by the following vote, to wits <br />30 AYES: Trustees: H. A. Robinson, J. J. Schnickter, J. C. McCain, <br />31 J. P. Greeley, Geo. P. Wilson. <br />NOES: Trustees None <br />32 !1 SENT, Trustees: None <br />e <br />