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166 <br />Also t <br />datio to tIle <br />?7ilson, epa <br />to, the Fire` <br />at, the fire. <br />On <br />o look up some more water bearing land and male a reco e <br />Board• <br />committee appointed are Trustees H. C. Sloan, Geo. P <br />urer Levi H. Wallace and Deputy City Engineer S. A. undif <br />Clerk was instructed to write a letter of apprec t�ion <br />iepartment for the efficient manner and the aler ess disc <br />the Summers residence recently. <br />io on of Trustee Conrad Richter seconded by ustee H. C. <br />Sloan and car e , the Clerl: was instructed to advertise for bids for <br />60p feet of 22" F e Hose for the,Fire Department. <br />The common cation from Llajor E. D. Ardery.c ling a meeting in <br />Los Angeles to consi r rules and regulations in re rd to the <br />operation of drartbridg s, rras taken up . and on mot n of Trustee Conrad <br />Richter seconded by Tru ee Geo. P. Wilson and c ried, the City Clerk <br />was instructed to ac=oyrl ge receipt of the c ication, and state <br />thatmrre will try and have r Harbor Master r present the City at the <br />meeting. <br />w <br />let <br />1. <br />The communication f Raymond . Osborne in regard to the <br />worms found in our drinking wet , eras r erred to the Water Superintendent. <br />Further hearing on the, p otes on Resolution of Intention I'o. <br />350 for vacating a portion of Coas levard, mere continued to 7:30 ' <br />o'clock p.m. on Wednesday, January 1924. <br />On motion of Trustee Ge . P. V son seconded by Trustee II.C. <br />Sloan and carried, E. t:. Burri as emplo ed to take down the balance <br />of the shore end of the Newpo wharf wher the new building is to go, <br />the same to be done under t direction of t e Street Committee, Street <br />Superintendent and City E neer. <br />On motion of T stee L. S. Wilkinson conded by Trustee Geo. <br />P. Wilson and carried, at demands No. 943 to 1 9 inclusive, having <br />been signed and appro d by the Finance Committee, ere allowed and <br />warrants to be dray for same. <br />. <br />There be g no further business on <br />Sloan and second9d by Trustee Conrad Richter <br />adjourned to 7: o'clock p.m. on "Jednesday, <br />ATTEST: <br />/� z / a t1 <br />RESOLUTION NO. 281 <br />Original Missing <br />motion o Trustee H. C.' <br />and carrieA, the meeting <br />January 9, 24. <br />City Hall, Newport Beach, January 9; 1924. , <br />The Hoard of Trustees of the City of Ncyrport Beach met in <br />regular adjourned session at 7:30 o'clock p.m. on above date. The <br />meeting visa called to order by President J. J. Schnitker. <br />The roll was called shorting the full Board present'. <br />The reading of the minutes of the previous meeting :'zas ormitted. <br />A petition in writing rras presented asking that the boundaries <br />of the City of Nerrport 'Beach be altered and net, territory annexed <br />thereto, incorporated and included therein and made a part thereof. <br />The petition was ordered filed and taken up for consideration, <br />evidence was introduced and docur.ientary proof was presented from which <br />the Board of Trustees find as follows: <br />(1) The petition is in writing, and is signed by qualified <br />electors residing within the territory therein described as choim by <br />the registration of voters of Orange County in which such territory is <br />situated; that the signers collectively constitute more than one - fourth <br />in number of all the qualified electors residing therein. <br />(2) The territory sought to be annexed Is described in the <br />petition as follows: located in the County of Orange, State of <br />California, and <br />Beginning at a point in the northeasterly boundary line of <br />the Cite of Newport Beach, which point is the intersection of the south- <br />westerly prolongation of the northwesterly line of 27th Avenue, as 27th , <br />I <br />I <br />