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Gi . <br />RESOLUTION NO. & <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF <br />THE CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH ADOPTING SPECIFICA- <br />TIONS NO. 35 FOR CLAY AND69.4YBLSURFACING OF <br />STREETS WITHIN THE CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH. <br />- 000 - <br />The Board of Trustees of the City of Newport Beach do <br />resolve as follows: <br />That the following specifications to be known as Spe- <br />cifieations No. 35, for clay and g191'-4 surfacing of streets in the <br />City of Newport Beach, Galifornia, be adopted. <br />- 1 - <br />PLANS, ETC. <br />The work herein provided for is to be done in accordance <br />with the plans, profiles and cross- seotions on file in the office <br />of the City Engineer of the City of Newport Beach, and all work <br />shall, during its progress and on its completion, conform to the <br />lines and levels which may, from time to time, be given by said <br />City Engineer. <br />SUB - GRADE: <br />- 2 - <br />The sub -grade for the roadway shall be six (6) <br />inches below the surface of the finished work, unless otherwise <br />shown on the above mentioned plans, profiles or cross - sections. <br />- 3 - <br />GRADING. <br />Grading shall include all filling, the removal of all <br />earth, stone or all other material, of whatever nature it may be, <br />that may be encountered in preparing the street; and shall also <br />include all trimming and shaping required to bring the surface of <br />the street to grade and cross- section. <br />When mud or other soft material is encountered, it shall <br />- 1 - <br />