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RESOLUTICY NO. .2 <br />• A RESOLUTION OF THE BOARD OF TRUcTEES OF THE <br />CITY OF Nv=ORT BEACH ADOPTING PLANS FOR THE <br />I1'PROVE1".ENT OF CERTAIN PORTIONS OF PARK AVEPUE <br />AND CERTAIN OTHER STREETS ON BALBOA ISLAND, <br />'MHIN SAID CITY. <br />The Board of Trustees of the City of Nem-)ort Bench do <br />resolve as follows: <br />That the folloring plans and plat prepared by the City <br />Engineer of sad City for the Improvement of certain. �-drtions of <br />PARK AVENUE and edrtain other streets on Balboa Island within said <br />City, to -rit: <br />That Plan No. 303, designated, "City of Nerport, <br />California, Plan No. 303, plans end profiles of Park Avenue and <br />certain other streets on Balboa Island, in said City", and Plat <br />designated, "Plat I?o. 3O4. of assessment district for the improve- <br />ment of certain -oortions of Park Avenue and certain other streets <br />on Balboa Island in the City of Ye,.vport Beech, California', be, <br />and the same are, hereby adopted as,the Plans for doing said :pork, <br />and the Plat for s,tid assessment district. <br />I hereby certify that the foregoing Resolution, being <br />Resolution No. ras duly adopted by the Board of Trustees <br />of the City of Nevport Beach this =day of ITovember, 1924, by <br />the follol ^ing vote, to -wit: <br />AYES: Trustees, (�i1- S�a>t� S�o4� °per% /?rGnt�r,v'� /I�NSi <br />NOES: Trustees, >1 on P U <br />ABSENT: Trustees. 776'+t,( <br />ATTEST <br />