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lJ <br />• <br />r <br />9 1 w i <br />RESOLUTICN NO.,3 00. <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF THE <br />CITY OF 11=i?ORT BEACH DECLARIYC TTS ??TTE TTICTT <br />TO ORDER THE IZPRO1TEMVT OF PARK AVEPTUE AND <br />CERTAIN OTHER STRF.nTS AHD AVE'.''UES Ohl BALBOA <br />ISLAND TITHIN SAID CITY, UNDER THE IYPROVE- <br />WENT ACT OF 1911, AYD THE AVENDi1ErTS TO SAID <br />ACT. <br />- - o 0 o - - <br />The Board of,Trustees of the City of Newport Beech do <br />resolve as follor•s: <br />SECTION I. <br />That the public interest and convenience require, a:-1d <br />it is the intention of the Board of Trustees of the City of Newport <br />Beach, California, to order the construction of the followinC <br />described work and improvement in said City, to -rrit: <br />That the roadway of all of that portion of Agate Avenue <br />lying southwesterly of Par:c Avenue, and all that portion of Marine <br />Avenue lying' northerly of Park Avenue, and Perk Avenue bet.^•.een a <br />line drawn from the most westerly corner of Block 2 of a re -sub- <br />division of Section 1, Balboa Island., as per *nap thereof recorded <br />in Map Book 6, page 30; Records of Orange County, California to the <br />most northerly corner of Lot 1, Block 1, of the aforesaid re- <br />subdivision of Section 1, Balboa Island, end a line ^hick line is <br />one hundred ei6hty (180) feet easterly of and parallel with the <br />easterly line of 1�arine Avenue, end Park Avenue bet Teen a line <br />which line is one hundred eiLhty(180) feet westerly of and par- <br />allel with the . westerly line of Abalone Atbenue and a line drai-n <br />from the northeasterly corner of Lot 18, Block 4, Section 5, <br />Balboa Island, as per :yap thereof recorded in ha-o Book 8, oaoe 9, <br />Records of OranSe County, California, to the southeasterly corner <br />of Lot 13, Block 5, of the a,foresa,id Section 5, Balboa Island, be <br />graded and paved with cement concrete; and that the entire length <br />of the roadway of Emerald Avenue, Opal Avenue, Turquoise Avenue, <br />Pearl Avenue, Collins Avenue, Ruby Avenue, S,-,-phire Avenue, Diamond <br />