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RESOLUTION No. 319 . <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF THE <br />• CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH,ORDERING THE IMPROVE - <br />MENT OF CERTAIN PORTIONS OF PARK AVENUE AND <br />• CERTAIN OTHER STREETS AND AVENUES ON BALBOA <br />ISLAND WITHIN SAID CITY. <br />The Board of Trustees of the City of Newport Beauh do <br />resolve as follows: <br />SECTION L. <br />That the public interest and convenience require the work <br />hereinafter described to be done, and therefore the said Board of <br />Trustees hereby orders the following work to be done and improve- <br />went to be made in said City,to wit: <br />That the roadway of Emerald Avenue' Garnet Avenue,Pearl <br />Avenue,Agate Avenue, Opal Avenue,Topaz Avenue,Turquoise Avenue, <br />Collins Avenue,Ruby Avenue,Diamond Avenue,Sapphire Avenue,Coral <br />Avenue,Apolena Avenue, Amethyst Avenue,Onyx Avenue,Marine Avenue, <br />Abalone Avenue, Crystal Avenue, Jade Avenue,Central Avenue and Park <br />Avenue be graded and have constructed thereupon a concrete pavement, and <br />that cement concrete curbs and cement concrete sidewalk be constructed <br />along the roadway of all of the above described streets except where <br />cement concrete curbs and cement concrete sidewalks already exist; and <br />except that certain small portions of the existing cement concrete <br />curbs and cement concrete sidewalks along certain portions of the above <br />described street which are broken and in bad condition,be removed <br />and new cement concrete curb and cement concrete sidewalk constructed <br />in place thereof; and that pipes,hydrants and other aplliances and <br />appurtenances for supplying and distributing domestic water and for <br />fire protection be constructed in certain portions of the above described <br />streets and in certain alleys on Balboa Island all as more particularly <br />described in Resolution of Intention No.:312 as adopted by the Board of <br />• Trustees of said City on January,5th,1925 and on file in the <br />