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0 <br />• <br />W <br />RESOLUTION NO. 324. <br />C <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF THE <br />CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH AWARDING THE CONTRACT <br />FOR CERTAIN WORK ON CERTAIN.PORTIONS OF PARR <br />AVENUE AND CERTAIN OTHER STREETS AND AVENUES <br />ON BALBOA ISLAND WITHIN SAID CITY. <br />The Board of Trustees of the City of Newport Beach do <br />resolve as follows: <br />SECTION I. <br />That this Board hereby finds and declares that FLEMING <br />CONSTRUCTION CO. and E. L. FLEMING are the lowest, regular, re- <br />sponsible bidders for the work hereinafter described, and this <br />Board hereby awards the contract for said work to the said Fleming <br />Construction Co. and E. L. Fleming at the prices named in their <br />bid, .to -wit: <br />For. 4" Cement Concrete pavement, including grading, <br />per square foot $ 0.158 <br />For 611 Cement Concrete pavement, including grading, <br />per square foot 0.247 <br />For Cement Concrete Curb, per lineal foot $ 0.57 <br />For Cement Concrete Sidewalk, per square foot $ 0.165 <br />For all water pipe, fixtures, fittings, services, Fire <br />hydrants, etc. installed complete for sum of $12,000.00 <br />All other bids for said work.are hereby rejected, and the <br />"�. City Clerk is hereby directed to return to the respective bidders <br />all checks accompanying said rejected bids. <br />- 1 - <br />