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s <br />A RESOL <br />CITY OF <br />MENT OF <br />CERTAIN <br />ISLAND, <br />RESOLUTION NO. .� <br />JTION OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF THE <br />NEWPORT BEACH, ORDERING THE IMPROVE - <br />CERTAIN PORTIONS OF PARK AVENUE AND <br />OTHER STREETS AND AVENUES ON BALBOA <br />WITHIN SAID CITY. <br />The Board.of Trustees of the City of Newport Beach <br />do resolve as follows: <br />SECTION I. <br />That the public interest and convenience require the work <br />hereinafter described to be done, and therefore the said Board of <br />Trustees hereby order the following work to be done and.improvement <br />to be made in said Oity,to -wit: <br />That granite concre a ornamen <br />P. Upoa Marine Avenue from <br />lighting posts, conduits, wires and W <br />South Promenade to North Promen - <br />purtenanceQ for the successful bper -` <br />ade; from <br />ation of an ornamental street lighting <br />Q. Upon Abalone Avenue <br />system be constructed upon the fol- <br />South Promenade to East Promenade; <br />lowing streets: <br />R. Upon Crystal. Avenue from <br />A. Upon Emerald Avenue from, <br />South Promenade to Central Avenue; <br />Upon Jade Avenue from South <br />South Promenade to North Promen- <br />S. <br />Promenade to Park Avenue; <br />ade; <br />Central Avenue from East <br />B. Upon Garnet Avenue from' <br />T. Upon <br />to East Promenade of <br />South Promenade to North Promen- <br />ade; <br />C. Upon Pearl Avenue from South <br />Promenade <br />Grand Canal; <br />U. Upon Central: Avenue from <br />Promenade to North Promenade; <br />West Promenade of Grand Canal to <br />D. Upon Agate Avenue from South <br />Collins Avenue; East <br />Avenue front' <br />Promenade to North Promenade; <br />V. Upon Park <br />East Promenade of <br />E. Upon Opal Avenue from South <br />Promenade to <br />Promenade to Collins Avenue; <br />Grand Can <br />F. Upon Topaz Avenue from South! <br />W. Upon Park Avenue from West <br />Promenade to Collins Avenue; <br />Promenade of Grand Canal to the <br />G. Upon Turquoise Avenue from <br />westerly termination of said Park <br />South Promenade to Collins Avenue; <br />Avenue; <br />H. Upon Collins Avenue from <br />X. Upon South Promenade from <br />South Promenade to North Promen- <br />the westerly prolongation of the cen- <br />ade; <br />ter line of Park Avenue to the West <br />I. Upon Ruby Avenue'from South. <br />Promenade of Grand Canal, and from <br />Promenade to North Promenade; <br />the East Promenade of Grand Canal <br />J. Upon Sapphire Avenue from' <br />to East Promenade; <br />South Promenade to North Promen- <br />Y_ Upon North Promenade from <br />ads; <br />- the westerly prolongation of the cen- <br />K. Upon Diamond Avenue from <br />ter line of Park Avenue to the West <br />South Promenade to North Promen- <br />Promenade of Grand Canal; <br />ade; <br />Z. Upon East Promenade from the <br />L. Upon Apolena Avenue from <br />East Promenade of Grand Canal to <br />South Promenade to North Promen- <br />the South Promenade; <br />ade; <br />AA. Upon the West Promenade of <br />M. Upon Coral Avenue from South <br />Grand Canal from South Promenade <br />Promenade to North Promenade; <br />to North Promenade; <br />N. Upon Amethyst Avenue from <br />BB, Upon East Promenade of the <br />South Promenade to North Promen- <br />' Grand Canal from the South Prom - <br />ade; <br />sonde _Io Fa nt P„Xpmenade. <br />O. Upon Onyx Avenue from South <br />" <br />Promenade to North Promenade; <br />all as more partidularly described <br />in Resolution of Intention No. <br />323, as adopted by the Board of Trustees of said City on the 16th <br />day of February, 1925, and on file in the office of the City Clerk <br />of said City. For further particulars, reference is hereby made <br />1 <br />