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r - <br />SECTION II. <br />. The said Board of Trustees also determined and declared <br />that serial bonds shall be issued to represent each assessment of <br />twenty -five (25.00) dollars or more remaining unpaid for twenty <br />(20) days after the date of warrant. For a particular description <br />of said bonds, reference is hereby made to said Resolution of <br />Intention. <br />SECTION III. <br />The said Board of Trustees also determined and declared <br />that the contemplated work and improvement hereinbefore mentioned <br />was, in the opinion of the said Board, of more than local or or- <br />dinary public benefit, and the expense of said rork and improve- <br />ment has been made chargeable upon a district. For a particular <br />description of said district, reference is hereby made to said <br />Resolution of Intention. <br />SECTION IV. <br />That sealed bids fo r said work shall be received up to <br />7:30 o'clock, P.M. of the day ofJ.� <br />/} , 1925, at which time <br />said bids will be publicly opened,, examined and declared by this <br />Board. <br />The City Clerk is hereby directed to post a notice in- <br />viting sealed bids for said work with the specifications therefor, <br />conspicuously for five days, on or near the council chamber door <br />of this Board, and to publish a like notice referring to the spe- <br />cifications posted, or on file, twice in the Newport News, a semi- <br />weekly newspaper printed, published and circulated in said City, <br />and hereby designated for that purpose, (there being no daily <br />newspaper in said City). <br />Passed by the Board ®f Trustees of the City of Newport <br />Beach this GG/� ^D-day of May, 192 <br />1 <br />�V \ - 2 <br />