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RESOLUTION N0.3 <br />A RESOLUUTION OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF THE <br />CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH ADOPTING SPECIFICATIONS <br />NO. 40 FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF MACADAM PAVE - <br />MENT, CEMENT CONCRETE GUTTERS, CULVERTS AND <br />APPURTENANCES, CATCH BASINS, DRAINS, GUARD <br />FENCES, GRADING, CONCRETE STEPS AND CONCRETE <br />RETAINING ?PALLS, 7ITHIN SAID CITY. <br />- - - - 0 - - - - <br />Be it resolved by the Bt%ard of Trustees of the City of <br />Newport Beach that the following [specifications, to be known as <br />Specifications T ?o. 40, for the construction of macadam pavement, <br />cement concrete gutters, culverts and appurtenances, catch basins, <br />drains, guard fences, grading, concrete steps and concrete retain- <br />ing walls, in the City of Newport Beach, be and the_same are hereby <br />adopted. <br />WORK TO BE DONE <br />Under these specifications the Contractor will be re- <br />quir ed: <br />1. To excavate or fill in to such an extent and in such a <br />manner as may be required by the plans, profiles and cross - sections, <br />and these specifications, the area upon which the improvement here- <br />inafter provided for is to be constructed. <br />2. To furnish all materials as hereinafter provided for and <br />required for the construction and completion of the improvement <br />in accordance with the plans and specifications, and all labor, tools <br />and equipment necessary for the performance of said work. <br />3. To grade and construct macadam pavement, cement concrete <br />gutters, culverts and appurtenances, catch basins, drains, retaining <br />walls, guard fences, etc. as hereinafter specified. <br />GRADING <br />Grading shall include all filling, the removal of all <br />earth, sand, stone or all other material of wh4tever nature it may <br />be that may be encountered in preparing the road, and shall also <br />include all trimming and shaping required'to bring the surface of <br />the road to grade and cross - section. when mud or other soft <br />material is encountered, it shall be taken out and the space filled <br />with good earth, sand or gravel, which, if it is earth or gravel, <br />shall be rolled until the surface of the foundation ceases to creep <br />in front of the roller. The Contractor, however, will not be re- <br />quired in such cases to excavate mud or other soft material to a <br />depth greater than two feet below the sub - grade. <br />All filling shall be done with good sound earth, gravel <br />or sand. ^1henever a fill is to be made of earth or gravel, the <br />embankment shall be brought up in layers not exceeding six inches <br />in depth, and each layer thoroughly dampened and rolled with a <br />roller weighing not less than 200 pounds per lineal inch width of <br />tire, until it is firmly compacted. Then the fill is made with <br />sand, it shall be brought up to grade and thoroughly dampened end <br />compacted. <br />No material of a perishable, spongy, or otherwise in- <br />proper nature shall be used in filling. The space over whi. ^.h =ille <br />are to be made shall first be cleared of all brush, timber, trz�sh <br />or other debris unfit for foundation. <br />- 1 - <br />