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RESOLUTION NO. 373 <br />Original Missing. <br />Adopted April 5, 1926 <br />A resolution of the Board of Trustees of the City of Newport Beach ordering a certain grant <br />deed recorded was laid on the table subject to the receipt of certificate of title to be <br />procured by the City Attorney. <br />On the City Attorney's advise that the clerk was the only person that was legally entitled to <br />receive tax money at this time the clerk was ordered to assume that responsibility until a tax <br />collector had been appointed. <br />Communications to the Board of Trustees were read and referred to the proper order of business. <br />A communication from the California Library Association in regard to uniform salaries was <br />referred to the library board. <br />The security bond of Mrs. Miriam Porter for Treasurer of city of Newport Beach, having been <br />approved as to form, etc. on motion of Trustee Sloan seconded by Trustee Richter it was carried <br />by the following vote. <br />Ayes, Trustees, Wilson, Sloan, Young, Richter <br />Noes, Trustees none <br />Absent, Trustees, Wilkinson <br />