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. i <br />• RESOLUTICN PTO. <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF THE <br />CITY OF PIEWPORT BEACH DECLARING VACANT FOR <br />PUBLIC STREET PURPOSES A CERTAIN POPTION OF <br />CHANNEL ROAD, "'I THIN SAID CITY. <br />1 11 <br />MEREAS, The Board of Trustees of the City of Ne°port <br />Beach, on the 10th day of August, 1925, at a regular meeting of <br />said Board held on that date, duly passed and adopted a 7 esolution, <br />being Resolution No. 338, entitled, °A Resolution of the Board of <br />Trustees of the City of Newport Beach declaring their intention <br />to vacate, close -up and abandon for public street purposes a cer- <br />tain portion of Channel Road, -�*ithin said City", and <br />7- TEREAS, The Street Superintendent of the City of <br />Ne -Dort Beach, after the passage of said Resolution, caused to be <br />conspicuously posted along the line of said contemplated improve- <br />ment, at not more than three hundred (300) feet in distance apart, <br />upon said street, and not less than three (3) in all, upon said <br />street, notices of the passage of said Resolution, said notice <br />being headed °Notice of Public ;orkfl, in letters not less than one <br />inch in length, and stating the fact of the passage of said <br />Resolution, its date, and briefly the work of improvement posed, <br />being that of vacating the above nemod street, as hereinafter <br />described, and the said PTotice herein mentioned referred to said <br />Resolution for further particulars; said Street Superintendent <br />having also caused a notice similar to that hereinbeiore rederred <br />to to be published by four successive insertions in tht Netport <br />News, a semi - weekly newspaper printed, published and circulated <br />in said City of ide^port Beach (there being no daily newspaper so <br />printed, published and circulated in said City), and more than tern <br />(10) days after the expiration of the time of publication of soid <br />notice having elapsed and no objections to the said improvement <br />have been delivered to t'.:e City Clerk of the City of Fe-,-port Beach, <br />- 1 - <br />