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I <br />follows.- <br />r, eoLUTIor zo. -3 % <br />A R°.SOLUTIO . Or TT, BOARD OP T3Usi r" 'S 0 :' TF <br />CLAY or corn oRv Brw"I D.MLt:RI "'G •r`" IR IFImmo i <br />TO W.U4TR* CLOSI tTk' 11TS) ABl F{iR PODLIC SW:?*:T <br />PUtiPOSf'z C"MI T: IF P012 ^I0 111S OF P MS10 DRIVE, <br />' VLMM SW CITY. <br />- .........- -..... <br />The Barre. of '.:rusteos of the City of `:e:: zort Biorea: coo resolve : s <br />tlrcllIol I <br />It is dhk inteat5oa of taco Poerd ci Trustees ox the iity of <br />Beech to order thoce portions of the 1.m7blic street hereinafter described, within <br />said City, to be closed -up, ereected rues cb=doned :?or public atrout purs-)oaca, the <br />and portion of a. L! otroot Is described cs follows, to -witt <br />All tat portion o^ Pacific )Drive c. ocid Pacific Drive is laid out cnd <br />shorn upon t'. c•zn c:? Corona. 3:c1 i.%T recorded in Lieeell,neoua ens :,00k 3, :,?M7,ea 41 <br />rnd Z?, accords of Crenge County, C,lifornin, described tie boLinning at a point, <br />c+hich point is at tho iLtorocction of the southwesterly line os' arld Pacific hive <br />nd the southwesterli Porlon ^etion of the nortiweotorly line of 3e�ouia -: nus, as <br />said Beasniti, !!venue is laid out tad shove xvaon tho oforeaaV. .r-� of Corona del; <br />t:tence Zorth 40 d.e,,Toes ^a5t, 20 fast to n point; thence Sotztaz 63 de�xo3c 32 <br />minutes writ, 103.50 feet to a Point; thenco South 26 de,f�rcco 25 minixtes'1est, 41.92 <br />feet, to a poitjt; tharce aoutha osterly around a circulcr movo with v. rvx�Iuc of 75 <br />feet coccnve to the i_ort_vcst a iistanco of 2.55 fast, to a Point in the sout2racaterly <br />line of a--"d Pacific Lrivo; thanco . "orth 7t; degrees 47 minutes '.;eat, along the <br />southwesterly line of said Pacific `:rive a distance of 5,.2G feat to a Point; thence <br />:orth 24 de.,.xees 59 miuutoo 7sot, aloe^ the eouthweoterly line of said Pacific Drive, <br />a distance of 65.23 fee., to Vie ?dace of be„ inninG; rlso all that portion of aaii, <br />Pacific Drive deccribe^_ au bc:-;1n21qg, at a point in the cou.uhwootarly line of s_id <br />Pacific Drive, .bich point is 292.59 feet duo South end 355.16 feet ue ::eat of tha <br />intorsoction of tale cantor lines of First !!venue end Crrn©tion P.vcnue, eo oeid <br />avenues are laid out end. aaiowa upon the cForoaaid Lrn of Co- one del L r; thence "orth <br />50 degrees Cost, along tho coutfz7esterly lino of oc1d Pacific Drive, a dict..nee of <br />22.59 feet, to a Point; thence 7orth 7C degrees 47 minutes '.seat, alon, the eeuth- <br />-1- <br />