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1 <br />6 4,? <br />• <br />RESOLUTION N0. <br />2 <br />r <br />3 <br />A resolution of the Board of Trustees of the City <br />of Newport Beach ordering the vacating, closing up and <br />4 <br />abandonment of a certain portion of Bay View Avenue, a <br />public street in the City of Newport Beach. <br />5 <br />fi <br />7 <br />The.Board of Trustees of the Citv of Newport Beach do <br />8 <br />resolve, declare and determine as follows: <br />9 <br />whereas, at a meeting of the Board of Trustees of the <br />10 <br />City of Newpar t Beach held the 26th day of April, 1926, there was <br />11 <br />passed a resolution declaring its intention to order a certain <br />0 <br />12 <br />portion of Bay View Avenue, a public street in said City, vacated, <br />J <br />13 <br />closed up and abandoned, said resolution containing and specifying <br />J rt <br />0 <br />14 <br />the things and matters required by law. <br />m m J <br />�;u <br />15 <br />Whereas, the Street Superintendent of said city there — <br />Z a Z <br />a,a <br />i6 <br />after caused to be and there was posted notifies of Public 'fork <br />o <br />—n <br />17 <br />along the line of said contemplated improvement not less than 300 <br />m <br />0 <br />18 <br />feet in distance apart and twelve notices in all. <br />U <br />19 <br />Whereas, the said Street Superintendent caused a notice <br />20 <br />similar in substance to be published at the times and for the <br />21 <br />Period prescribed by law, in Newport News, a newspaper of general <br />22 <br />circulation, printed, published and circulated in said city and <br />23 <br />designated for that purpose. <br />24 <br />whereas, no interested or other person objected to s'iid <br />25 <br />work or made or filed any Turitten or other objection thereto and <br />26 <br />the time having expired for the making of said objections. <br />` 27 <br />whereas, public interest and convenience require the <br />0 <br />hereinafter described portion of Bay View Avenue, a public street <br />29 <br />in the City of Newport Beach, to be vacated, closed up and <br />30 <br />abandoned. <br />31 <br />32 <br />_1_ <br />