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• .t <br />RBSOLU:t'IoFT T30. 3 F'4. . <br />A IMSOLUUMIT OF TM ROARD Or, `2RUS1i':? OF THE CITY OF <br />=PORT BEACU DIXTE11I"'G VPCKIT MR 'PMLIC SlliMTT <br />PTTHPOSPS CERTAV PC IZOUS OF P@CIFIC MUVE �I4AIV <br />SIID CITY. <br />^' MMS, tho Board of Truot000 of the City of Co--rmrt Beadh, on the <br />26th day of Aril, 1526, at a regaler nootio„ of ccid Board geld on tl)z..t ec.te, <br />duly pcocsd ma r_clopted a recolution, bsi -2g- Resolution P.o. 378, entitled, wA <br />Resolution of the ':otrr.'. of Trustees of the City of Docmort Bomh deelcring <br />their intention to vacato, close -up and Pbendon for public street purposes <br />certain portions of Pccific Drive vitUn said City% end <br />;TirR?',ILS, the Street Superintnadont of the City of i7e-il;ort Beech, cuter <br />the prooc:,,e of s•rid Resolution, caused to be conspicuously posted tlong th,? line <br />of said contemplated improvement at not more tl= throo hundred (300) foot in <br />diotnaee sport end not less then throe (3) In all, notices of tho nssczoo :;2 <br />resolution, cefd r-otice being- heaflod °P.otico of Public ^or:mt) in letters not loss <br />then one (1) Inca In length, and stating- the fact of the paocc�m of said Itocolution, <br />its date and btiefly the -orz of icisov =oat I^;opesdd, bolaa tlmt of vrca' Vie <br />above nmod otreet as horeinafter described, end no said notice heroin raeationed <br />referred to said 2asolutioa far Awthor p. 3t cnloro; Gaud Stroot Su_r3rintomd.ent <br />having- elso ca=d a notice alciler to that horoinbofore nofc rod to to be publichcd <br />by four (IS) successive insertions in the UmTort FTava, a aeosly neamauor printod, <br />published and circulated in no ocfdl City of "ouport Be h (th000 bolik- no Or-ily <br />nonspL� par so printed, published end circulated. In said City), sail r.oro then ton (10) <br />days after no oupiralon of tho tine of p blication of acid notice hcvirn alansed <br />end m objections to tho or-Ad isprovenont have boon delivered to the City Clcr'lz of <br />the City of F o-,Tcrt r!occh, end the said Bond of Trustees having acquired juris- <br />diction to order the vacation of said street ao hereinafter described; <br />ZOO, TTMIEFUAD, the Board of Trust000 of tho City of TTc -.,*rt Bosch do <br />resolve "no folio ^s: <br />SF.CTIOB I <br />4bat that portion of tIm public rtroot hereinafter described ^ithin acid <br />City be closod -up, vacated and abandoned for public street purposes, tad. the ror- <br />tions of said str:;ot so clooed -up, vacated as abcmdonod for public street nurposos <br />are described as folloass <br />