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173 <br />he County Industrial Committee, and x$100.00 from the unappropriat <br />f d to the City Attorneys expense account were alloyed. <br />The communications were read and acted upon as follow : <br />The communication from the Newoort Harbor Chamber of Comnem e <br />asking what has been done in regard to cutting the corner at ypress <br />and Bay venue was considered, and on motion of CBuncilman illiamson <br />seconded Councilman Ellsworth and carried, the matter s referred <br />to the Cit Attorney to start condemnation of the corne . <br />Th request of the Chamber of Commerce for t nsfer of certain <br />budget funds t account No. 361, Newspaper Space, an $100.00 from <br />' Labor Day acco to Harbor Publicity, end also ask g exoenditures of <br />$450.00 for adver sing from January 15th to Fehr ry 15th were con- <br />sidered, and on mot on of Councilman Williamson econded by.Councilman <br />Ellsworth and carrie the same were allowed. <br />On motion o Councilman Williamson econded by Councilman <br />Hilmar and carried, the ommunications from he local and county <br />W. C. T. U. in regard to osing the dance halls atl2 :00 o'clock P. M. <br />were referred to the Police Committee an Chief of Police for a report <br />at the next meeting. <br />NEW BUSINESS. <br />Councilman Ellsworth 1 r uced a resolution entitled: <br />A RESOLUTION OF TH CIT COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF <br />NEWPORT BEACH CA ELLING CERTAIN ERRONEOUS TAX <br />ASSESSMENT ON C RTAIN REAL OPERTY STANDING IN <br />THE NAME OF 0 F. M. STROBR GE. <br />The Resolution as read; consider , designated RESOLUTION <br />NO. 569 and upon call o the-roll passed by t e following vote, to -wit: <br />AYES, Counc' men Hilmer,Clalre,Ells th,Wi111amson,Johnson. <br />NOES, Coun None. <br />ABSENT, uncilmen None. <br />City torney Thompson presented his writte consent to the <br />cancellation o a certain erroneous and as spment standing <br />in the name F. M. Strobridge, and on motion of Counci an Claire <br />seconded by ouncilman Hilmar and carried, the same was o ered filed. <br />ouncilman Williamson introduced an amendment to a tax <br />Ordinanc No. 15, entitled: <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THF. CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH AMENDIN <br />SECTIONS 34, 38 and 49 OF ORDINANCE NO. 15 OF THE <br />CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH. <br />The Ordinance was read, considered, designated Ordinance <br />5 and on motion of Councilman Williamson seconded by Councilman Cl a re <br />and carried, the Ordinance was passed to the second reading. <br />This being the time set for hearing protests on assessments <br />made covering the work done by Robt. Metcalf for the improvement of <br />certain portions of West Promenade and East Promenade of the Grand <br />Canal, North Bay Front and South Bay Front under Resolution of Intention <br />No. 503 passed and adopted by the City Council on the 29th day of April, <br />1929, but no written protests having been filed with the City Clerk, and <br />no one present desiring to be heard in said matter•.WHEREUPON Councilman <br />Williamson moved the adoption of RESOLUTION NO.. 576, entitled: <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF <br />NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA, CONFIRMING THE ASSESS- <br />MENT FOR IMPROVEMENT OF CERTAIN PORTIONS OF WEST <br />PROMENADE AND EAST PROMENADE OF THE GRAND CANAL, <br />NORTH BAY FRONT AND SOUTH BAY FRONT WITHIN SAID <br />' CITY, <br />.which motion was seconded by Councilman Ellsworth and carried by the <br />following vote, to -wit: <br />AYES, Councilmen Hilmer, Claire ,Ellsworth,Wi111ameon,Johnson. <br />NOES, Councilmen None. <br />ABSENT, Councilmen None. <br />Engineer Patterson presented a cbmmunicatio panted <br />by a License Agreem Mc Everlast, Inc. the "HUNT PROCESS <br />for curing cement pavement for venue work. The same was <br />considered and on moti ncilman E a conded by Councilman <br />Claire and he communication and license agree filed. <br />RESOLUTION NO. 570 <br />Original Missing <br />Adopted 1/6/30 <br />