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].74 r. <br />City Engineer Patterson reported that he /tabulated the bi for the improvement of certain portions of in Hunic pal Improv,-ment District No• 7 as follows: <br />CONTRACTOR TOTAL ESTIMATOF EACH BGrif 'th Company, - - - - - - - , Robt, tcalf, - - - - - - - - 10,080.0Fleming onstruction Co., - - - 10,290.0Lee R. We r, - - - - - - - - 10,500.0 <br />and finds that the Gri ith Company is the !owes regular bid sub- <br />witted for the said imnr ement and recommends that their bid be <br />' <br />accepted. On motion of Co Gilman Williamso seconded by Councilman <br />Claire and carried, all bid were rejected cept the one from <br />Griffith Company and any chec accompany g the bide were to be <br />returned to the unsuccessful bi ders. <br />The report of Leeds & nde gger endorsing the-plans-and <br />specifications of City Engineer Pat son for the harbor work, was <br />considered, and on motion of Coune' n Williamson seconded by <br />Councilman Hilmer and carried, t rb rt was filed. <br />Water Superintendent atterso asked that he be given <br />authority to expend w270.00 f a pump fo chlorinating the city water., <br />and on motion of Councilmen ilmer seconds by Councilman Williamson <br />and carried, the authorit was granted. <br />An Ordinance opting the Uniform Bu !ding Code was presented <br />by the City Attorney f the first reading. Th Ordinance was con- <br />sidered, designated dinance No. 376 and on moti of Councilman <br />Williamson seconds by Councilman Ellsworth and ca ied, the Ordinance <br />th second reading. <br />.to <br />Mr. J A. Beek asked for permission to do so dredging <br />io ith the city land he has under lease ins ad of filling <br />i lly intended. The matter was discussed for me tithe, <br />on of Councilman Hilmer seconded by Councilman ire and <br />/connectio <br />he same was laid on the table for one week to give .ore <br />onsider the. matter. <br />Mayor Johnson declared a recess awaiting a report on <br />Isle bids. <br />After the recess Mayor Johnson again called the meeting to <br />The City Engineer reported that he had tabulated the bids <br />RESOLUTION NO. 571 <br />for the imnrovement of Via Lido and certain other streets, easements <br />Adopted 1/6/30 <br />and rights -of -way as per Resolution of Intention No. 513 and finds <br />that the bid of Griffith Company is the lowest regular bid submitted <br />Original Missing. <br />g g. <br />for the said-improvement and complying with the verbal request. of Wm. <br />C. Crittenden, the owner, recommended that the said bid be accepted. <br />WHEREUPON Councilman Claire offered Resolution No. 571 awarding the <br />contract to Griffith Company, said bid being the lowest regular bid <br />submitted for the hereinbefore mentioned improvement, and moved its <br />adoption. Which motion was seconded by Councilman Williamson, and <br />upon roll call the same was adopted by the following vote, to -wit: <br />AYES, Councilmen Claire, Williamson, Johnson. <br />NOES, Councilmen Hilmer and Ellsworth. , <br />ABSENT, Councilmen None. <br />On motion of Councilman Williamson seconded by Councilman ' <br />Hi r and carried, the demands having been approved by the Finan <br />Commi were allowed and warrants to be drawn for same. <br />'ty Attorney Thompson reported that the Orange my <br />Improvement A ciation deed to the swimming pool in 41 NeTnort <br />contained restric ' ns which he would not advise th ity to accept. <br />The matter was consi d but it was decided no accent the deed <br />at this time. - <br />There being no fu r busines n motion of Councilman <br />Claire seconded by Councilman er carried, the meeting adjourned <br />to 7:30 o'clock P. M. on Monday, J y 13, 1930. <br />Approved January 13, 1930 <br />City Clerk. <br />