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l <br />All protestants having been heard and as opportunity ha <br />in g b n given to all persons desiring to be heard and a full, <br />and im tial hearing having been granted and the City Counci <br />having b ore it the diagram of the assessment district, as eing <br />familiar w the said assessment district, and also havi con- <br />sidered all oteste filed, whether before or subsequen to the <br />adoption of as resolution of Intention, and having aeidered the <br />character and as re of the proposed work and the essity for the <br />same, and having c eidered the matter ae to the ea of the property <br />to be assessed for t said improvement repress ed by the several <br />protestants,'Councilma Claire presented'the f lowing resolution <br />and moved its adoption. <br />WHEREAS, certai rotesta havi been filed by W. P. <br />Elliott and others protests against t doing of the work described <br />is Resolution of Intention No. 58 is a matter of the improvement <br />of Channel Place and certain oth s sets and alleys is said City <br />of Newport Beach, and <br />WHEREAS, the City Co iL as carefully considered all <br />protests and objections End ha ng con 'dered the area of the <br />district represented by the veral pro taste; <br />NOW, THEREFORE, E IT RESOLVED this City Council that <br />it does hereby find and termine that the s d protests or objec- <br />tione have been made b the owners of less tha one -half of the area <br />of the property to b assessed for the said work nd improvement, <br />as set forth in as Resolution of Intention No. and <br />BE IT STEER RESOLVED, that each and all f the' said <br />protests or ob ctions, whether filed prior or subsequ t to the <br />adoptim of id Resolution of Intention, be and the sam are hereby <br />overruled d denied. <br />Said motion was duly seconded by Councilman Ells th and <br />upon r call the same was adopted by the following vote, to- t: <br />AYES, Councilmen Hilmer, Claire, Ellsworth, Williamso <br />Johnson. <br />NOES, Councilmen None. <br />ABSENT, Councilmen None. <br />CouncilmanClaire then offered and moved the adoption of <br />the Resolution Ordering Work No. 573 is the matter of the improve- <br />ment of- Channel Place and certain other streets and alleys is the <br />City of Newport Beach. Which motion was duly seconded by Councilman <br />Ellsworth and upon roll call the same was adopted by the following <br />vote, to -wit: <br />AYES, Councilmen Hilmer, Claire, Ellsworth, Williamson, <br />Johnson. <br />NOES, Councilmen None. <br />ABSENT, Councilmen None. <br />J. A. Beek asked who would be the proper official to <br />su rvise his work of dredging, and on motion of CouncilmanOlaire <br />seco d by Councilman Williamson and carried, City Engineer <br />Patters was appointed to inspect and approve the work of <br />ity Attorney Thompson stated that the Southern C f- <br />ornia Edison ompany asked for a pole line franchise over a City's <br />93 acres of wa bearing land, and presented a form fo at <br />purpose. On mots of Councilman Claire seconded by Gilman <br />Williamson, the righ of -way was allowed and the M r was author- <br />ized to signthe agreem on behalf of the City Newport Beach by <br />the following vote, to -wi <br />AYES, Councilmen lmer, Claire llaworth, Williamson, <br />Jo n. <br />NOES, Councilmen None. <br />ABSENT, Councilmen None <br />The matter of the ed to the d swimming pool is <br />West Newport offered to th 1ty by the Or County Improvement <br />Association was again br ht up for discussio and on motion of <br />Councilmen Claire sec ed by Councilman Ellewor and carried, the <br />City Attorney was ' tructed to get a report from t Orange County <br />Title Company on B title to the property. <br />ere being no further business on motion of Co <br />Ul <br />lman <br />Claire ee nded by Councilman Ellsworth and carried, the meet <br />- our d to 7:30 o'clock P. M. on Monday, January 20 1930. <br />roved January 2(), 1930Q/�� i,n oy�t <br />1 <br />RESOLUTION NO. 573 <br />Adopted 1/13/30 <br />Original Missing. <br />1. <br />