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REMUTION 0 I$IRN'!'M NO. <br />A RESOLUTION OF TM CITY COUNCIL, OF THE uITY <br />07 REMST BRACH, CAL+IPORNIA, DECLARING ITS <br />INTENTION TO ORDFR TRZ XUPRO9 AMT OF CENTRZ <br />A' EMS "51THU SAID CITY, DECLARING THE WORK <br />TO BR OF 90PX Ta" LOCAL DR ORDINARY PUBLIC <br />$R?dum AND D9SCRIBING THE DISTRICT TO AR <br />BVMVFITTtD By SAID WOO AND TO PAY THE COSTS <br />AND EXPrESES THEREOF; MD Dye ^'iFRU "ING THAT <br />BONDS $HALL DE IS'SUrl -D TO REPREMENT UNFAID <br />ASSesSMTS FOR THE COSTS AND M92ENSES AND <br />FIBi: +G Tjl' &,' 1197% AND PLAC8 FOR ]MARINO OBJRCTION$ <br />TO SAID WORK. <br />The City Council of the City of Nev. ort Beach, <br />pursusat to the provisions of the Improvement Mt of 1911, <br />and the Improvement Bond Act of 1915, an:i amendments to <br />said acts, do resolve as follows: <br />'3 • °. ; %RI:i'TI'.1iE OF WORT.. <br />That the public interest and convenience requires <br />and that it is the .Intention of the City Council of the City <br />of Newport Beach, C,;llfornl a, to orator the followin,, =, work to <br />be done, to -ait. That <br />%I <br />NNTF -. L r`AVOrINV , <br />from the easterly live of .Alv:ar "ido Street to the Westerly line <br />of "B" Street be improvod by the installation of certain Xing <br />Perronite Brackets Ro. 1120 -7) oquippel with King <br />Lnminaire Company's Ca8t silicon- Alumainnm ISenlant L=torn <br />Lighting, Malts (Design iio. 1!).-J32) t'-wgother with cast iron pole. <br />top dross -arms with pin unsulatorr•, !;iing sole Top Posign No. <br />A -126 lamps, 1res, a bless, and other atzit: ;:tzlo and necessary <br />appliances on the existing; steel poles on Central Ave ime, for <br />tho purpose of lighting said Central ,,veauo. <br />The ales to which the i7ai.3 work and <br />�' irmprovonent is <br />to be done is that shown on the plans, profiles, and cross- <br />