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RES LUTION OF INTENTION 10.' i 4 <br />�. 4 RESOLUTION GFTn. CITY. COUNCIL 0FPTin -c <br />OF M TA*'.ILVLL <br />Ate ' i M' I tV'St 14 <br />INTE"ION TO ' ORDSR V rc RO6 N.T OF <br />`- STRRE"P AND CERTaIkt OTEfiiB"STRSPTS Aga AYffiNU9 ;` ,F, <br />OITM SAID CITY, DECLARING THE WORK TO <br />EN1"".-ON, 811 .E3F ,' <br />104 THEN- ORDiMAVr- -'# LIC <br />DESCRIBING Tn DISTRICT TO BE <br />BY SAID WORH.AND'TO PAY THE COSTS AND EXPRrfSES <br />THE NOT. AND DETERhWING THAT "BONDS SUM BE <br />ISSUND TO RKPRESEI4T UNPAID ASSESSMENTS -FOR THE <br />COSTS AND EXPENSES AND FIXING THE TIME AND <br />PLACE t' <br />FOR HEARING OBJECTIONS TO SAID WOR?i. � <br />aooaaoa ?,�;4 <br />The City Council of the City of Nawport 'Beach,.pursu tt. <br />to `the Prov131011ns 6f the Improvement Act of 1911,'and.,the unproven,. <br />sit $cad Aet o$ 1916, and amendments to said Acts, do resolve ,;`a <br />foliowss a •. <br />SECTION 1. 4 <br />DESCRIPTION OF WORK. <br />That the public interest and convenience requires anjd;_, <br />that _it.2s, the intention of the City Council of t2►e Cirty;o 1¢4pert <br />,Oanh. California, to order the following work to be dorie., 4`c wit': <br />EAAIN STREW <br />from. .140,nortbwasterly prolongation of the northeasterly line`.4i` <br />Bay Aria ue:-,north"arly. of Block 11, as shown up' an a map of <br />Balboa Traat, regorded itl Sscellaneous Maps, Book 4, page 12, u <br />records,.o:P Orange Count California, to the northerly line oY. <br />ftrf Atopmee he,.- lwprored by tha . jAstellation, of eertain .cement <br />oonorete �Vlarbel.�te (ftsign — 160—B) ornamental .1kghting <br />WIS. <br />a`gtUgped- wit2i'_8eplita 81T4 li ntIng unit, with wires:, <br />aablas, Aon8tit, lamps and other suitable and steceesary appliaaees or t. " parpcse'. ptlighLlu said *aLA Street and abw - :Dy tithe: remlgvei <br />of " certain" existing cement ootctszeLa :light posts 'and the re' dosineCtix <br />of. the': existing 'oable and conduit: that <br />°A" STREET <br />Yr9m.the southwesterly line of Bay Avenue to the northerly line of <br />t <br />