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RI;SOLUTZ07: i:0. 5 rY5 , <br />• A RESOLUTIOL 02 THE CITY CODUCIL 02 THN CITY <br />• <br />OF NE'.;; ORT BEACH MEMO YORK Oil CLT TA11:1L <br />AvEiVI; UITHIH SAID CI`T'Y. <br />;.0*** <br />RESOL• M by the City Council of the City of Ilo,.*port <br />Beach, California, that the public interest and convenience re- <br />quire the work hereinafter mentioned to be done and therefore <br />the said City Council hereby orders the following for': to be <br />done and improvements to be made in the said City, to -oit:- <br />The improvement of Central Avenue in the City of <br />Beach by the installation of certain Zing Verronite Brackets <br />(Design Do. 1120 -2) equipped with Zing Luminaire Company's•Ccst <br />Silicon - Aluminum Pendent Lantern Lighting Units ( Design We. 10 -DA <br />together Pith east iron pole top cross -arms Pith pin insulators, <br />King role Top, (:Design to. 0126), lamps, wires, cables, ani other <br />suit"ble end necessary appliances on the existinL steel poles <br />on Central Avenue for the pvrpose of lighting said Central Avenue, <br />all as more particularly described in Resolution of Intention he. <br />661, passed and adopted by the City Council of said Cite on t:?o Ord <br />day of ha.rch, 1930, and on file in the office of the City Clark <br />of said City. <br />Vor further particulars reference is hereby made to <br />said Resolution of Intention No.-581 and to the plans and profiles, <br />being plan Uo. 371, Sheets 1 to 2 inclusive, on file in the o-fice <br />of the City Engineer of said City and to specifications for the <br />sail work adopted by the City Council on the 3rd day o}_' WcA,. <br />1930, and on wile in the office of the C1t7 Clerk of said City, and <br />all of said plans, profiles, and specifications heretofore approved <br />by the City Council of sail City are incorporated herein cn1 <br />made a part hereof, and reference is hereby made thereto for a <br />more particular description of the said work. <br />-1- <br />i <br />