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A-1 <br />.r <br />RX.92LIZII ON X2. Zak <br />A Resolution <br />1 <br />of the <br />City Council <br />2 <br />of the <br />City of Newport Beach, California. <br />4 <br />WHEREAS, the Congress of the United States of America <br />.5 <br />duly passed on June 13th, 1933, the Industrial Recovery Act, <br />6 <br />entitled H.R.5755, providing for industrial recovery and re- <br />lief to unemployr.28nt by instituting and completing public <br />8 <br />works of various kinds and particularly authorizing the con - <br />9 <br />struction of river and harbor improvements recommended by the <br />10 <br />Chief Engineer of the United States Army, and <br />11 <br />WHEREAS, the City of Newport Beach has expended $1,065,00 <br />12 <br />on improvements of Newport Harbor and the County of Orange has <br />13 <br />expended #605,802 on the same project, and private concerns <br />14 <br />and individuals have expended $611,000 for dredging for use <br />16 <br />and benefit of the public in said harbor, making a total of <br />16 <br />,,2810802 thus expended, with no aid from the Federal Govern- <br />17 <br />ment, and <br />18 <br />WHEREAS, further improvement of Newport Harbor now re- <br />19 <br />quires improvements to the entrance channel, extension and <br />20 <br />repair of jetties and dredging of the Bay, and <br />21 <br />WHEREAS, the City of Newport Beach is overburdened with <br />22 <br />bond issues voted for Harbor Improvements and is unable to <br />23 <br />increase their bonded indebtednesq and <br />24 <br />WHEREAS, if improvements to the Harbor are not made at <br />25 <br />this time, serious loss would occur to the large investment <br />26 <br />already madd on Harbor improvements, and <br />27 <br />WHEREAS, the further development of Newport Harbor would <br />• <br />28 <br />be a worth -while project under the National Industrial Recovery <br />29 <br />Act, as the undertaking of this project at this time would <br />30 <br />provide employment for a large number of men and create a <br />31 <br />vast amount of activity in the surrounding territory, and woulc <br />32 <br />