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1 RESOLUTION NO. 41 <br />2 A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF <br />NEWPORT BEACH GRANTING A WRITTEN LICENSE TO E. G. <br />3 GREELEY OF NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA, TO OPERATE <br />THE CITY DUMP GROUNDS FOR A PERIOD OF ONE YEAR, <br />4 UPON CERTAIN CONDITIONS SET FORTH IN A WRITTEN <br />CONTRACT, THIS DAY PRESENTED TO THE CITY COUNCIL, <br />5 AND AUTHORIZING THE MAYOR OF SAID CITY AND THE <br />CITY CLERK OF SAID CITY TO EXECUTE SAID CONTRACT <br />6 ON BEHALF OF SAID CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH. <br />7 <br />8 WHEREAS, pursuant to instructions, the City Attorney of <br />9 the City of Newport Beach has this day prepared a contract and <br />to presented the same for consideration to the City Council of the <br />11 City of Newport Beach, in which said contract the City of Newport <br />12 Beach grants to E. G. Greeley, of Newport Beach, California, a <br />13 license to operate and conduct the City Dump Grounds, upon certai <br />14 conditions and specifications set forth in said agreement, and <br />15 for'the time specified therein. <br />is NON, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: That said contract be, <br />17 and the same is hereby approved as written, by the City Council <br />18 of the city of Newport Beach, and the Mayor and City Clerk of sai <br />19 City shall, and they are hereby authorized to sign said contract <br />20 on behalf of said City, and the Clerk is directed to have the <br />21 party of the second part execute said contract within two (2) <br />22 days after the date hereof, and the said contract shall thereupon <br />23 be filed and become a valid contract as between said parties. <br />24 I hereby certify that the foregoing Resolution was <br />25 duly and regularly passed by the City Council of the city of <br />26 Newport Beach, at a regular meeting thereof held on the lat day <br />27 of April, 1935, by the following vote, to -wit: <br />AYES, COUNCILMEN: <br />29 <br />• 30 e`,_' , -NOES, COUNCILMEN: <br />31 -7 ST z,_' OSENT, COUNCILME1 <br />ROLAND TiNOMP ON <br />ATTORNBV AT LAW ' <br />SANTA ANA. <br />