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RESOLUTION ORDERING WORK <br />No. <br />RESOLVED, by the City Council of the City of <br />Newport Beach, California, that the public interest and conven- <br />ience require the work hereinafter mentioned to be done, and <br />therefore the said City Council hereby orders the following <br />work done and improvements to be made in the said City, <br />to-wit: <br />The construction of a.wooden bulkhead and appurten> <br />antes and appurtenant work adjacent and contiguous to the <br />easterly line of Block P of Tract No. 518, all as more particularly <br />described in Resolution of Intention No. 919, passed and adopted <br />by the City Council of the said City on the 12th day of November, <br />19350 and on file in the office of.the City Clerk of said City. <br />For further particulars reference is hereby made to <br />said Resolution of Intention No. 919 and to the plans, profiles <br />and sections No. 399 on file in the office of the City Engineer <br />of the.said City of Newport Beach,, and to the specifications <br />for the said work adopted by the City Council and on file in <br />the office of the City Clerk of said City, and all of the said <br />plans, profiles, sections and.specifications heretofore approved <br />by the City Council of the said.City are incorporated herein <br />and made a part hereof and reference is hereby made thereto for <br />a more particular description of the said work. <br />Said City Council has determined and declared that <br />the contemplated work and improvement hereinbefore mentioned <br />was, in the opinion of the said City Council, of more than <br />