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A <br />aR{ESOLUTION NO <br />- M -AEAS, a Grant Deed from A. D. Haigh and Violet 2. <br />Haigh, husband a.*:d wife, to City of N'evr?!ort Beach, a Municipal <br />Corporation, dated the first day of Yaroh, 1945, granting; the <br />City of 11ewport Beach all that certain real ?property situated in <br />the City of Oew*port Beach, County of Orange, State of California, <br />core partioulµrly described as folloraG, to -vit: <br />All that portion or ;Got 0 in Block 635, as said <br />Lot is shown rnpon a map of Cr.nal section, record- <br />ed in Book 4, k'a; a 98 of Ilisoellaneous Pans, <br />Records of eaid County, described as follors, to- <br />vit: beTinnin,; at the Hortheasterly oorner of <br />said Lot 8. running, thence Soutb ,,oTterIy meal* <br />the !orthvrestarly line of said Lot S. 31.61 feet; <br />thence Southeasterly along c o .,vo uf,r.crvc to th- <br />`Southtrest and having a radius of 10 :2eet, c, distLLIoe <br />of 25.29 feet thence t a point in the Gouthoasterly <br />line of said. Lot P; thonoe ;ortheasterly r -lon(; the <br />said Southeasterly line 31.G1 feet to tho point c' be- <br />ginning. <br />,vas rresented to the City Council of the City of P•.'esrport Peach, <br />California; and <br />'.,M -Pu;A- , tha City Council of the oity. of Ue7port Beach <br />deems that the considera•cion for said deed is fair, ju?t•, anC <br />adequate. //yy <br />'.Mill,ZON', Counoilman 1/,!� r, made <br />a motion, duly seoonded by Councilman mac;, and <br />carried, that said Grant Dead be accepted by said city, the <br />City Ci aa:k iixtruoted to record the same forthwith iAth the County <br />Recorder of O:eanCo County, California. <br />That said motion ';1a3 carried by the �olloain( vote, to-ait: <br />AE6, COUIVCiY :U.Td Va Y`e�, Oo�a�y�e -wxr <br />r <br />(41711CM1'.'Id n- <br />s <br />.1- <br />