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L <br />RESOLUTION go. <br />1 <br />2 WEREA3, by grant from THE IRVINE CORPA7C, a corporation <br />3 as evidenced by a deed dated the 22nd day of November, 1921 and <br />4 recorded in Book 545, page 357 of Deeds, Orange County Records, <br />5 State of California, the real property hereinafter more particular- <br />6 ly described was, as a portion of a larger parcel of real property, <br />7 conveyed to the City of Newport Beach for the Sole uee and purpose <br />8 of erecting and maintaining thereon a water reserfoir and water <br />9 paimping plant; and <br />10 WHEREAS, said portion so particularly described is not <br />11 necessary for said use and purpose; and <br />12 VfiEFZAS, it appears that the SOUTHERN CALVORNIA EDISON <br />13 COMPANY$ a public utilities corporation, is desirous of including <br />14 said portion in a parcel of land to be used by said public utili- <br />15 ties corporation as a substation site for supplying electrical en- <br />16 ergy in the area of the City of Newport Beach; and <br />17 'MZFZASO it appears for the 'hest interest of the City of <br />18 Newport Beach that said portion be quitclaimed so as to provide <br />19 for said service for said public utilities corporation, <br />20 A01i, I' ?3 :Y.F'FaR ", ?N 12 RESOLVF:v by the City Council of the <br />21 City of Newport Bench that the City of Newport Beach do quitclaim <br />22 unto THE IRVIVE CCV..'ANY, a corporation, all that certain piece or <br />23 parcel of land being a portion of Block 94 of Irvine subdivision <br />24 as per map thereof recorded in Misoellaneous Maps, record map Book <br />25 1, page SS. Records of Orange County, State of California, and des - <br />26 oribed as follows, to —aiti <br />27 All that piece or parcel of land being a portion <br />of Block 94 of Irvinets Subdivision, as per map <br />28 thereof recorded in Miscellaneous Records, Map <br />Book I, page B$, records of Orange County, Cali - <br />29 fornia, described as follows: <br />30 Beginning at a point in the northeasterly line of <br />that certain County road heretofore deeded to the <br />31 County of 0range, located along the northerly shore <br />line of Newport Bay, which point is $53 -14 feet due <br />32 North and 2909.40 feet due West of the easterly <br />corner of the aforesaid Flock 94; thence North 50 <br />degrees Last 45 feet to a point; thence South <br />