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• 1 <br />2 <br />• 3, <br />• <br />8 <br />9 <br />10 <br />11 <br />12 <br />13 <br />14 <br />15 <br />16 <br />17' <br />18' <br />19 <br />20 <br />21 <br />22 <br />23 <br />24 <br />25 <br />26 <br />27 <br />28 <br />29 <br />30 <br />31 <br />32 <br />C 0 P Y <br />� 4 `f <br />RESOLUTION OF INTENTION NO. 3768. <br />RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF <br />NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA, DECLARING ITS IN- <br />TENTION TO ORDER CONSTRUCTION OF SIDE14ALK AND <br />CURB IN OCEAN FRONT IN SAID CITY: DECLARING <br />THE WORK TO BE OF MORE THAN LOCAL OR ORDINARY <br />PUBLIC BENEFIT AND DESCRIBING THE DISTRICT TO <br />BE BENEFITED BY SAID WORK AND TO PAY THE COSTS <br />AND EXPENSES, AND FIXING A TIME AND PLACE FOR <br />HEARING OBJECTIONS TO SAID WORK. <br />The City Council of the City of Newport Beach, pursuant <br />to the provisions of the "Improvement Act of 1911 ", being Division 7 <br />of the Streets and Highways Code of the State of California, does <br />resolve as follows: <br />SECTION 1. That the public interest and convenience <br />require, and it is the intention of the City Council of the City of <br />Newport Beach, California, to order the following work to be done, <br />to -wit: <br />DESCRIPTION OF WORK <br />The construction of cement concrete sidewalk and curb, <br />lin the Northeasterly side of <br />OCEAN FRONT <br />between the Northwesterly line of Thirtieth Street and the South- <br />easterly line of Thirty -sixth Street. <br />PLANS, PROFILES, DRAWINGS <br />AND SPECIFICATIONS <br />SECTION 2. All of the said work and improvement to be <br />done shall be constructed upon the grades, along the lines, between <br />the points, of the dimensions, at the places and in the manner show <br />on the plans, profiles and drawings for the construction of said <br />improvements in Ocean Front, being Plan No. 427 consisting of one <br />(1) sheet, on file in the office of the City Engineer of said City, <br />and except as otherwise provided on said plans in further accordanc <br />with the specifications for the construction of said improvements, <br />said specifications being on file in the office of the City Clerk <br />- 1 - <br />