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RESOLUTION N0, 3769 <br />ZOTICE 01 PROPOSED Al &1WI031 OF Plalfff ERIAM C8fl8CH SITS. <br />• 1 MRSAS, the City of Amiport Beach has received a letter from Thomas K. <br />2 Gibson moVinsting that the City of sewport Beach annex the following described <br />• 3 real property. which said property now lies outside the city 'boundaries of the <br />4 City of ;+ewport Bsack, and <br />5 nW=A3, it appears go be for the best interests of the City of Newport <br />6 and its citizens for the said City of Newport Beach to annex the hereinafter <br />7 described property: <br />8 MX, 2UREFORE, IN IT RESOLVED0 by the City Council of the City of Nsvporl <br />9 Beach that the following declarations cad notice be nods and giveml <br />10 IT 13 SEBE2 =dLARID that proededings have been initiated by the said <br />11 I City of Newport Beach, a city of the Sixth Class, to annex the said real <br />12 property as hereinafter described, which said real property is contiguous to <br />13 the present boundaries of said City of Newport Beach, and which property !as <br />14 at the present time, completely valmhoblted. <br />15 NOTICE IS RUM GrM that it is proposed by said City of gewport Beach <br />16 to annex the herelaaftsr described real property to the City of sewport Beach, <br />17 which said real property shall, in theee proceedings. bear the name 'Presbyterian <br />18 Church Sits'. The specific description of the boundaries of the territory so <br />19 proposed to be annexed are as follows: <br />20 Beginning at a point in the city boundary line of the City of sewport <br />21 Beach, Orange County, California, acid point being in the center line of Irwin <br />Avenue, 30 {set southwesterly of the intersection of the center lines of Irrine <br />22 Avenue and YUtesmth Streets as abewm upon a sap of the First Addition of <br />Newport Heights, recorded in Book 40, page 94. Miscellaneous naps, Records of <br />23 Orange County, and also being in the northwesterly prolongations of the south- <br />westerly boundary of that cartels parcel of land conveyed by the Irons Oompany <br />24 to the County of Orange for highway purposes and described in deed recorded in <br />Book 1521, page 257. Official Records of said Orange County: thence scatheasterl; <br />25 along said northwesterly prolongation and the wouthwesterly line of said parcel <br />to an intersection with a line 20 feet northwesterly of and parallel to the <br />26 northwesterly boundary of Tract Vo. 1218, as shown upon a map. recorded in Book <br />379 pages 47 to 49 inclusive, Records of said Orange County: thence southwestsrll <br />27 along said parallel line and along a line 20 feet northerly of and parallel to <br />• the northerly boundary of Tract No. 1220, as shown upon a nap recorded in Bonk <br />28 38. pages 49 and 50, Records of said Orange County, to an intersection with the <br />• northeasterly prolongation of the southeasterly line of College Road, as shown <br />29 upon a amp of said Tract No. 12201 thence northerly along said northo4y pro - <br />longatiom, a distance of 4.40 feet to the beginning of a curve concave to the <br />30 southeast having a radius of 320 feet: thence northeasterly along said curve <br />through a central angle of 210 121 100, a distance of 118.42 fast; thence martl. <br />31 easterly tangent to the last memtloned curve and at right anglos with said <br />southwesterly line of said parcel described in Book 1521, page 257. Official <br />32 Records of said Orange County, to on intersection with a line 10 feet, measured <br />r.. <br />