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^ y <br />RESOLUTION No.,21.37 <br />1 <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE.anr THE. COUNCII, OF TRr CITY OF icy ;7 ORT BYACH <br />2 <br />AWARDING A CONT #6R AN ADDITION TO AND MWOVATION <br />OF THE b? :ACA PUBLIC LIBRANY <br />AND AUTHORIZING <br />3 <br />OF AQRUMENT THEREOF. <br />• <br />4 <br />WMEAS, pursuant to Notice Inviting Bids for the eon- <br />s <br />struction of an addition to and renovation of the Newport Reach <br />6 <br />Public Library, heretofore duly given, sealed proposals and bids <br />7 <br />thereof were duly received and subsequently opened at the time <br />8 <br />and place set in said proposal, to wit, on December 10, 19551, and <br />9 <br />it appearing at that time that the lowest regular and responsible <br />10 <br />bidder was Irvin Goo. Gordon & con; and <br />11 <br />WHMAS, there was duly presented to the said Irvin Goo <br />12 <br />Gordon & Son, on January 22, 1952, a certain Agreement providing <br />13 <br />for the construction of said addition to and renovation of the <br />14 <br />said library; and <br />15 <br />WHIMEAS, the said Irvin Goo. Gordon & Son have failed <br />16 <br />and refused to execute said contract and still fail and refuse to <br />17 <br />execute the same; and <br />18 <br />WHEREAS, it appears that the next lowest regular and <br />19 <br />responsible bidder, among the bide received on December 10, 19510 <br />20 <br />was the J. Ray Construction Co., Inc.; and <br />21 <br />WHEREAS, there has been duly presented to the City Coun <br />22 <br />oil of the City of Newport Beach a certain Agreement dated the <br />23 <br />day of February, 1952, by and between said J. Ray Construe- <br />24 <br />tian Co., Inc. and the City of Newport Beach, providing for the <br />25 <br />construction of said addition to and renovation of the said libra <br />26 NOW, THERUORE, BE IT t 30LY -ED, that the said bid of <br />27 said J. Ray Construction Co., Inc., for the construction of and <br />28 aaclition to and renovation of the Newport reach Public Library, 1 <br />29 the City f N <br />y Newport Beach, County of Orange, State of California, Ca2lforn <br />30 for the total sum of 446,doO.oO, be, and the game is hereby, aces <br />31 tea; and <br />32 BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that a contract for said constr <br />