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• <br />RESOLUTION NO* 31 AID <br />1 I WHEREAS, KATHERINE NORIMN HARRIS has offered to deed the <br />2 property hereinafter deserted to the City of Newport Lasso# <br />3 for the consideration of Four - Hundred Fifty Dollars (4450,:00) <br />4 'n'H7iEAC, the said offer has been accepted; and r <br />5 s,tFREAS, there has been presented to the City of Newport, <br />6 Beach a deed from said KATHMUSS NOR+NANt HARRIS, being dated Deeem- <br />7 her 19th, 1951, and covering the following described rent' property <br />8 situated in the City of Newport Beach, County of Orange, State of <br />9 California: <br />10 Portions of Lots 32 and 34, Block A -36, Corona <br />del Mar, as shown on a Map thereof recorded in <br />11 Book 3, Pages )rl and 42, i"isoellaneous gape, <br />Records of Orange County, California, more <br />12 particularly described as follows'. <br />13 Beginning at the most Easterly corner of said <br />Lot 34; thence Northwesterlyy along the Xorth- <br />14 easterly line of said Lot 34, to the beginning <br />of a curve concave to the Southeast and having <br />15 a radius of 40.o feet, as described in Deed <br />conveying certain property to the City of NdeN- <br />16 port Beach for street purposes, recorded in <br />Deed Book-60, Page 190;Official Records of <br />17 said Orange County; thence Southwesterly <br />around said curve to its point of tangency <br />18 in a line which is 30.0 feet Southeasterly of <br />and parallel with the Northwesterly line of <br />19 said Block A -36; thence Southwesterly along <br />said parallel line to a point which is 4.65 feet <br />20 Northeasterly of the southwesterly line of said <br />Lot 32; thence Northeasterly around a curve <br />21 tangent to last mentioned parallel line, con- <br />cave to the Southeast and having a radius of <br />22 67.50 feet, a distance of 79.62 feet; thence <br />Southeasterly on a line t urgent to last mentioned <br />23 curve to its intersection with the Southeaster- <br />ly line of said Lot 34; thence Rortheasterly <br />24 along said Southeasterly line a distance of 2.07 <br />feet, more or less, to the point of beginning. <br />25 <br />and <br />26 <br />WHEREAS, it appears to be for the best interests of the <br />27 <br />citizens of the City of Newport 3eaeh to accept and approve said <br />28 <br />Deed; <br />29 <br />Ni013-10 THMEZO _, B� IT FZ "_LVED, that the said Deed here - <br />30 <br />inabove referred to and covering the saiP hereinabove described <br />31 <br />real property is accepted and approved by the City of Newport Beae <br />32 <br />and is hereby ordered recorded. <br />