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.0 <br />0 <br />• <br />1 <br />RESOLUTION NO. <br />2 'vfir`.REAS, there has been presented to the City of Newport <br />3 Beach a grant deed of easement by Floyd E. Looschen and Osre I.. <br />4 Looschen, husband and wife, the same being dated October 18th, <br />5 1952, and covering the following described property situated in <br />6 the City of Newport Beach, County of Orange, State of California, <br />7 to- Tait: <br />8 A right of way or easement for the purpcse of <br />erecting, laying and constructing a pipe line <br />9 or pipe lines to convey sewage with the right <br />to of going in, over and under the premises here- <br />inafter described, for the purpose of repair- <br />ing, maintaining and replacing; said pine lines <br />11 in, over and under that certain real property <br />12 described as follows, to -grit: <br />The Northwesterly one -half (1/2) of the alley, <br />13 fourteen (14) feet in i,idth, lying Southeasterly <br />of and adjacent to Lots 26 and 28, Block A -35, <br />14 Corona del tsar Tract, as said tract is laid out <br />and shown upon a map recorded in Miscellaneous <br />15 Raps, Book j, Pages 41 and 42, records of <br />16 Orange County, California. <br />17 WHEREAS, it appears to be for the best interests of the <br />18 citizens of the City of Newport Beach to accept said construction <br />easement. <br />19 <br />20 NU,70 THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the said construction <br />21 easement hereinbefore referred to and covering the said herein - <br />22 above described real property, is accepted and approved by the <br />23 City of Newport Beach and is hereby ordered recorded. <br />24 The above and foregoing resolution was duly passed and <br />25 adopted at a regular meeting of the City Council of the City of <br />Newport Neaeh, held on the 27th day of October, 1952, by the <br />26 •_ <br />following vote, to -wit: /� r Q / <br />27 C" TLi / - /� / 6 <br />AYES, COUNCIL ?•�hl: /rah � ���c�/ /J /' El� <br />28 i <br />en�o <br />29 <br />30 <br />ROES, COUNCILMEN: 31 A88NT COUI4CIWN: <br />`IA e <br />32 ATTEST - <br />City Clerk mayor <br />